Pantagraph: It’s not about Starcom!

by: Diane Benjamin Since Mayor Renner completely controls the Pantagraph, today a Starcom story appeared.  In case you forgot, Mayor Renner viciously attacked Alderwoman Stearns Monday night for even suggesting the program should be looked at. The Pantagraph did a nice job covering for the City, no mention of interviewing Alderman Lower about his comments […]

The Budget story the media missed

by:  Diane Benjamin Besides calling Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner’s personal attack on Alderwoman Stearns a “heated discussion”, the media completely ignored what Renner’s veto threat meant for the City.  Tari Renner was willing to put public safety at risk just to get a Utility Tax.  Remember, any discussion of budget cuts instead of tax increases […]

Renner’s Hypocrisy

by:  Diane Benjamin I was just browsing through the packet for the April 28th City Council meeting. One item that got pulled for further review was the Public Comment code.  It starts on page 165.  The interesting part is on page 166.  Besides Mayor Renner’s name at the bottom of the document – see […]

Alderwoman Stearns wins with class

by:  Diane Benjamin After being viciously attacked by Mayor Tari Renner and barely defended by most of the other Council members, Alderwoman Stearns gave this short speech: If you missed the Renner atack:

More on Renner’s Outrageous attack

by:  Diane Benjamin Maybe Mayor Renner thought he could take Alderwoman Stearns out last night because the media has given him very little push back.  It was irresponsible for Cities 92.9 to run Renners degrading comments about Stearns and StarCom for 2 days without fact-checking the Mayor.  After all, he is a well documented liar. […]

Normal hits a new LOW!

by:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Township Assessor’s Office wants to make sure they have apartments valued correctly for real estate tax purposes.  If you own apartments in Normal – I urge you to NOT complete and return the requested information. The Normal wants to know how much money you make from YOUR property!  You will […]