Bloomington’s out-of-town lawyers

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington budget fight has included discussions of City spending with non-local lawyers.


I previously posted what I received from the City under the Freedom of Information Act showing how much has been paid to Clark Baird Smith in Rosemont.  The City would only provide me with totals – they claimed attorney-client privilege for the details.  They don’t understand that TAXPAYERS are the client, not the City of Bloomington.

I had help from the Edgar County Watchdogs getting the actual invoices from Clark Baird Smith.  The invoices don’t say much in the way of the work done in Rosemont, but it does show how far the City will go to be non-transparent.

Here are the details received:  Clark Baird Smith 

The invoices go back even farther than I requested – 2012.  Total for 2012:  $162,785.83

Just a clue City:  The private sector would never accept invoices with no details.  “Labor/General” ?  Really?  That’s like getting a credit card bill with no details of the charges.






4 thoughts on “Bloomington’s out-of-town lawyers

  1. I know they represented the city with the firing of Officer Oglesby ( they use the case in their ads), but you would think the taxpayer would be entitled to know at least the type of case they are working without knowing the particulars each case.


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