Taxes you probably didn’t know about

By:  Diane Benjamin The first 27 pages of the Detailed Budget lists Taxes and Fees:  FY 2017 Budget Detail More detail is available in the budget on most of these items.  FIFTY ways to tax you to death!  Even if the tax isn’t direct, the business forced to pay the tax just passes the cost […]

Facebook Bias

By:  Diane Benjamin Facebook has been in the news lately for blocking conservative posts.  Need proof? Except nobody reported the post.  It was auto-reported to Facebook.  In other words, FACEBOOK reported this post to itself.  As an Admin on the site I can go ahead and approve the post if I want. Meanwhile, nobody in […]

Media Bias

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph continues to reject Letters to the Editor without stating a reason.  Some of the top read stories on are rejected letters I have printed. Letters to the Editor have existed for hundreds of years to give citizens a voice.  If the Pantagraph silences you, send your letter to me.  […]

Tari: “I know the future”

By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens have forgotten history.  Getting away from repressive government is why people took a treacherous journey by boat across an ocean to get here.  It’s why they fought a war to found a new country.  They wanted to be free. Free to practice the religion of their choice. Free to govern themselves. […]

Ian is gone again

By:  Diane Benjamin Ian Bayne is no longer at 98.3. I know a lot about what happened, but I’m not talking. Please take the poll.  I’m sure he would run on “Taking Bloomington Back” from the big spenders. . . . Click here for details . .