Update: VenueWorks: What happened?

I received this response from the Executive Director:

Diane, I can certainly agree the lines for concessions last night was unacceptable.  No excuse.  Customers will see remarkable change for the better at the next show – Rob Zombie.
On the sound, I had not heard any complaints.
Curtis Webb

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first big concert under the new management happened last night at the Coliseum.  I received an email stating I needed to investigate.  The email-er said to check the Coliseum Facebook page.  It looks like the concert could have been great – if the sound wasn’t awful and the concession lines way too long.  One comment said they were out of basic items.  See for yourself:


Not a good start for VenueWorks!

I emailed the new Executive Director, Curtis Webb, for a comment.  If he responds I will add his comments to the story.





7 thoughts on “Update: VenueWorks: What happened?

  1. I have gone to the majority of events since the inception of the Coliseum. It has always been ran professionally and the experience was always positive. Last night was truly the worst experience at any venue I have ever had. These venuworks people are no professionals. What a joke. Took over an hour to get a drink. Only was able to get 1 the whole show because of the wait. They only had half of the normal stands open for what appeared to be an enormous crowd. Way understaffed. I know many of the employees that work there or at least did. Most have quit as they tell me these people have no idea what they are doing. They also tell me they are trying to pay people less than minimum wage and venuworks is keeping all tips for themselves and not giving them to the employees. If BPD would have done a compliance check they would have failed miserably. Saw many infractions throughout the night. The sound was just awful. Not sure what happened there. I had a friend complain to a venuworks manager about the concessions and sound and he was told to deal with it and was spoken to very rudely. The old staff under CIAM was always so polite and professional. They obviously knew what they were doing. Please bring them back. This new outfit is unprofessional and unprepared. Will no longer be going back after 10 years. Well done City of bloomington


  2. My wife had the same experience last night. Horrible sound quality and the lines for concessions were just terrible. I hope the new guys are reading this.


  3. Personally, I can’t imagine any of you old farts there.

    Industry standard calls for performers to provide their own sound equipment and engineers.

    It probably sounded bad cuz they were second rate performers (even back a minute) and now are past-their-prime second rate nostalgia bs perfomers.

    Chalk it up to lesson learned you new young old farts: you can’t relive your youth. The bands of the past will NOT live up to their former ‘glory.’ You will be disappointed, unless you have great delusion abilities.


  4. perhaps you should speak with a concession worker who might shed some  light on why the lines were sooo long. might shed some light for what concert/game goers will experience in the future..


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