A MADIGAN sued by Watchdogs

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Edgar County Watchdogs have filed a lawsuit against the Illinois Arts Council Agency headed by Shirley Madigan – wife of Speaker Mike Madigan and mother of AG Lisa Madigan.

The suit accuses IACA of violating the Freedom of Information Act.  See the documents here:  2016-MR-23-1

The Liberty Justice Center is representing the Watchdogs in this case.  Below is a statement from Attorney James McQuaid:

“All too often, government bodies in Illinois show contempt for the citizens they’re supposed to serve by disregarding their legal duties under the Freedom of Information Act. That’s what Shirley Madigan and the Illinois Arts Agency Council did when the Edgar County Watchdogs made a simple request for records showing how the agency is using taxpayers’ money. We’ve brought this lawsuit to make the agency follow the law and bring this information to light.”

12 thoughts on “A MADIGAN sued by Watchdogs

  1. Hmmm. Would the local EDC, MCRPC and all other groups receiving tax dollars have to produce information through FOIA requests.


    1. So, basically, if an organization only exists by using tax dollars but “pretends” to have no official government affiliation they are not accountable to the taxpayers–no questions allowed. That sounds like a definition of corruption.


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