Bloomington got lucky – for now (kidding)

No – you aren’t safe.  Evidently everybody can’t attend, so they changed the meeting from Committee of the Whole to Special Meeting.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor-Developer Renner just can’t stop creating his version of utopia in Bloomington.  He’s the king of paying people (with your money) to create economic development.  The local, state, and national economies are spiraling down, but the professor thinks government can save you.  Basic Economics don’t play a role, only tyranny.

Bloomington got spared for a little while.  The Monday Committee of the Whole meeting got canceled:

On the agenda was ANOTHER TIF District so expected profits can be shoveled back to his lunch buddies.  This one was for North Main.  Maybe District 87 finally balked.

Also on the Agenda was another Secret Meeting:

closedThe EMPIRE must expand!  Progress!

Tari is taking lessons from Chris Koos.  He REALLY needs to look at the facts.  Normal has FIVE TIF Districts that aren’t producing enough income to pay the debt:

If the Council doesn’t wake up, Bloomington will be Normal!

Koos REALLY wants to share sales taxes.  Renner is willing to hand over taxes collected in Bloomington to stave the implosion of Normal.  Soon the fiscal state of Bloomington can match Normal.   Nobody will ride in on the white horse to the rescue of both cities.

Keep in mind that most of the agencies for sharing taxes are funded by government.  Citizens are being played. 

Expect all of the above to be back.  At least FOUR Aldermen believe everything Renner tells them, all he needs is one more.




8 thoughts on “Bloomington got lucky – for now (kidding)

  1. It looks to me there is a Special meeting instead. One of the topics is for funding another TIF feasibility study costing $14,000.00 which includes the vacant lot purchased by mortgage from Kirk for $1.4M. This property was aquired prior to the FY2017 budget approval.


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