The local SHRINKING Middle Class

By:  Diane Benjamin


This analysis of incomes was published yesterday by Pew Research.

Click on the link above to see an interactive map.  This is Bloomington: (it’s easier to read on the link)

Untitled11From 2010 – 2014  Incomes above $124,925 INCREASED 3 points

Incomes from $41,641 to $124,924 DECREASED 8 points

Incomes below $41,640 INCREASED 5 points

That means for every 8 incomes, 3 got richer and 5 got poorer.

2014 was before the latest Sales tax increase and before the Utilities tax kicked in.  It was before Mitsubishi and Cub Foods closed as well as the myriad of other businesses shuttered.  It was also before rents went up due to regulations.

Mayor, it was also before you handed out tax incentives that you called Economic Development.

Bloomington is worse since 2010.  Renner has been Mayor since 2013. Keep attacking the middle and lower class with increased taxes and fees.  Stealing more money from people’s wallets has consequences.

The real enemy is government:  Illinois, Bloomington, and Normal.  Expect the next analysis to be even worse.






5 thoughts on “The local SHRINKING Middle Class

  1. The Mayor, City Manager and Council members live in a bubble. 25% of Bloomington’s population in the lower income level.


  2. “That means for every 8 incomes, 3 got richer and 5 got poorer.”

    Doesn’t it mean for every 16 incomes, 8 got richer and 8 got poorer?


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