The local SHRINKING Middle Class

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: This analysis of incomes was published yesterday by Pew Research. Click on the link above to see an interactive map.  This is Bloomington: (it’s easier to read on the link) From 2010 – 2014  Incomes above $124,925 INCREASED 3 points Incomes from $41,641 to $124,924 DECREASED 8 points Incomes below […]

More on the new EPA rules

by:  Diane Benjamin Today I received the August edition of Country Living Magazine  from Corn Belt Energy.   If yesterday’s post was disturbing ( today they are asking (crying out) for help from you.  Here is a link to today’s article: The proposed EPA rules will not only INCREASE the price of electricity, it […]

Obamanomics is Betraying the Middle Class

Floyd Brown, Chief Political Analyst With Barack Obama barnstorming the country like it’s October in a presidential election year, I thought we should take a closer look at his latest statements (read: fantasies). The more I hear Obama talk, the more nauseated I become – he’s either the dumbest person ever elevated to the White […]

Obama’s War on the Middle Class

Has drilling on Federal Land been approved?  Has the Keystone pipeline been approved?  Have cancelled drilling permits been re-instated?  NO!  This is the real war to destroy wealth in America. Spending on gas hits a 30 year high, which spells trouble for many business owners who may need to reevaluate 2013 plans. Spending on gas […]

Another country from which to “learn”

More on the Democratic plans to declare war on the middle class by raising energy prices: Published January 31, 2013 | By Bruce McQuain   The question, as posed earlier concerning Britain and France, is will we? Electricity prices are rising in Germany – and citizen with a low-income are suffering particularly. They are at risk of fuel poverty. 10 to 15 percent […]