Feds arming LOCAL Gov

By:  Diane Benjamin

Adam Andrzejewski continues to expose government corruption.  His latest is an interactive map showing Federal weapons loaned to public bodies.  You can see the map here:  http://www.openthebooks.com/map/?Map=1&MapType=Pin&Zip=61704

National stories about this investigation:



Below are what some area cities acquired in the militarization of the local police:  (click to make a pic larger)

bl7 bl6 bl5 bl4 bl3 bl2 bl1Creve Coeur takes the prize for purchases however.  From Wikipedia:

Creve Coeur is a village in Groveland Township, Tazewell County, Illinois, United States. As of the 2000 census, the village population was 5,448. Creve Coeur is a suburb of Peoria and is part of the Peoria, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area.
Meals?  TV’s?  Mules?  Looks like Christmas!

8 thoughts on “Feds arming LOCAL Gov

  1. However:
    Many police officers will find that in the midst of chaos, they will side with their families and neighbors because they know how badly out numbered they are and that many of them are just another person going to work every day not wanting anything to do with the threatened chaos. Hopefully they will either distribute these weapons among the faithful patriots or trade preppers for food. Arming local government might not necessarily work out the way that some have planned. Not to mention the fact that the black market is real and will remain, especially in hard times.


      1. Please note the word “hopefully” was used in my post. Due to the fact that there are alot of idiots in charge (as is noted on this site on a daily basis,) things do not always work out as they plan. Ferguson as well as every locality may well be different in how they react.


  2. There’s a certain irony in people complaining about the militarization of police in light of recent events. First of all, it’s a crock of poo. Police departments have employed “military tactics” since their inception and have used military service weapons, to include fully automatic rifles and submachine guns as long as they have been around. Try taking a look at police ambushing Bonnie and Clyde for an example. The truth is today’s police are less violent and more open that at any time in our nations history. I’m not saying there aren’t improvements to be made, but today’s cop is better educated, better trained, uses less force less often against less people all while reducing crime by about 50% over the last 2 decades. I know that doesn’t fit the narrative of white racists hunting down and killing young black men, but it’s the truth. In no way should my statement in any way be misconstrued to sound like police misconduct doesn’t exist, because it does, just on a much smaller scale than people believe. I love when “reporters” attempt to scare the public with stuff like this because the average news reporter knows even less about guns than they do about legal procedure, but if and when the “stuff” hits the fan it certainly does justify the use of military style body armor and armored vehicles.


      1. Nah… Because neither one of those mean you know what you’re actually talking about, I’ve helped teach CCW courses and trust me, just because you have that permit doesn’t mean know the first thing about a firearm…

        And having a family member that did something isn’t the same as you doing something…


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