Bloomington met – minus Gleason and Mboka

By: Diane Benjamin Since this Committee of the Whole wasn’t scheduled to set up future spending, the heavy hitters didn’t have to be there to cheerlead the agenda. The Police Department presented their annual report followed by the Fire Department. See the police presentation here: I did learn something new about guns. Criminals are […]

Kiss Springfield Goodbye Scott Preston

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Even with these donations, Preston has far less money than his opponent: You are going to want to sell your house without a realtor after this! (FYI they threw a ton of money to the elites during the last local election in Normal too) This will also prove […]

WGLT reports the ridiculous

By: Diane Benjamin Corey Beirne needs to report the WGLT article as a campaign contribution. He is running for the McLean County Board and WGLT just happened to pick him for an interview him from all the teachers in the Unit 5 School District. Beirne proves he isn’t qualified to hold an elected office […]


By: Diane Benjamin Do not attend upcoming state capitol protests. This article at the Gateway Pundit explains there is a national alert put out and it smells to me like a false flag or the next step of a playbook to make conservatives look violent and to take away firearms. It only takes a handful […]

Evidently minorities can get ID’s

By:  Diane Benjamin For decades Voter ID laws have been blocked because opponents claim the minority vote would be negatively impacted. Either this isn’t true or the State of Illinois is now discriminating against minorities.  January 1st everyone wanting to purchase legal cannabis in Illinois is required to show a government issued ID. Who is […]

Numerous things that don’t need their own story

By:  Diane Benjamin If you didn’t attend the showing of “Scramble the SeaWolves” last night at the Normal Theater, you missed a great movie.  It told the story of Navy helicopter crews who provided defense in Vietnam.  Didn’t know the Navy had helicopters?  Until this movie most people didn’t.  The SeaWolves formed out of need […]

Laws matter in Indiana, not in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin A deputy Town Marshall was arrested in Carthage Indiana for:   *  criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon   *  felony impersonation of a public servant   *  official misconduct of a public servant   *  and pointing a firearm at another Why was he arrested? See the story here: […]

Renner and Gun Violence

By:  Diane Benjamin This is one of those stories I meant to write days ago but didn’t get to it.  Since yesterday was Illinois Gun Lobby Day in Springfield, today I got to it.    Thousands of people were in Springfield: There is one thing Democrats don’t get: Criminals don’t care about laws Last […]

Local Democrats show they are pro-baby murder

By:  Diane Benjamin This item was on the Consent Agenda for the County Board meeting yesterday: This was merely a renewal of an existing lease for the Child Advocacy Center in Livingston County.  Since it was on the Consent Agent it wasn’t anything controversial and was passed the previous year with no discussion. […]

Democrats run wild

By:  Diane Benjamin Democrats have only been in complete control of the state for a short time.  Already they have passed a $15 minimum wage which make Illinois even less competitive with all of the surrounding states. Other things being seriously considered: Removing all regulations including parental notification on abortion Allowing abortion up to birth […]

Update: 2nd Amendment: Where’s McLean County?

County Board member Jim Soeldner sent a resolution the Board passed in 2008.  It needs updated!  See it here:   2008 McLean County Resolution _________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin Does the Constitution matter or not?   The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. (Militia meant every person capable of using a […]

Gun Violence Awareness Day: Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin At every City Council meeting Mayor Renner reads at least one Proclamation, of course signed by him. Last night it was Gun Violence Awareness Day. See the proclamation here – PDF Page 13 The numbers used weren’t hard to find a source for: This groups tax return shows they advocate […]

Update: Mackinaw: More problems

According to the agenda for the April 9th Mackinaw Board meeting, Robert Davies resigned.  That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be prosecuted or forced to repay the salary he received as a police officer.  I wonder if he will get a pension too. ____________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin The Village of Mackinaw has a huge problem.  […]

LWV aren’t non-partisan!

By:  Diane Benjamin The local League of Women Voters in all for the “welcoming ordinance”.  Evidently they think local government can make immigration law. Does the Constitution matter to the LWV? You might not think so when you see the State League of Women Voters Website: Automatic guns have been banned since 1934 unless […]

BHS found the document!

By:  Diane Benjamin BHS managed to find the document, yes it’s the same one I posted previously:    Take Action 4 Sensible Gun Reform Keep in mind – the story used to be:   Will there be consequences for lying, or do laws not matter if you are government with an agenda? This looks like a […]

District 87- What rules apply?

By:  Diane Benjamin More on this story: The statement below is from the BHS Student Handbook, it pertains to prohibited materials:   Even if somebody does believe the BHS talking points about a student bringing in the document, how does it not violate the policy in the student handbook?  Mr. Moore? Since the […]

District 87: Hiding!

By:  Diane Benjamin On March 22nd I wrote about a document handed out to kids at BHS during their student walkout concerning gun violence: This is the email that made me want to know what the document says: The email says WE will provide copies. Note also the email says the copies were given […]

Remember the Student Walk out? (BHS)

By:  Diane Benjamin Students have every right to be upset when they are being slaughtered in their schools.  Funny how the outrage isn’t aimed at the law enforcement who waited outside the Florida High School instead of doing their job! Suddenly, students across the country wanted to hold a demonstration at 10:00 on March 14th.  […]

2A ALERT – March 24th Bloomington

Bloomington: 11:00 AM, History Museum, 200 Main CALL TO ACTION! Gun Owners Needed for Counter-demonstrations THIS SATURDAY! Illinois gun owners live their lives without thinking much about gun control – most of the time.  Right now though, Illinois gun owners see red with the passage of bills to ban common guns and standard-capacity magazines.  To […]

Most media can’t count

By:  Diane Benjamin WAND TV reported around 90 people attended yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rights rally. WJBC reported “over 100”. Pantagraph reported close to 200 – usually  they can’t count! The actual count (of those who signed) was 159. Most of the people were from Bloomington-Normal and surrounding small towns.  A few came from Peoria, Canton, […]

2nd Amendment Rights – pics

WAND TV Reported 90 people – This Is why I had people Sign: WJBC reported over 100. By:  Diane Benjamin The rally was held today in front of the BCPA.  I had people sign in – 159 people did.  I’m not sure if everyone signed, there could have been more.  WEEK 25, Cities 92.9, […]

Now that the Internet is back . . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin All day with no Internet!   It’s finally back. 1) The link below is a Letter to the Editor written by Jim Simeone: The letter attempts to counter the letter written by Guy Fraker titled Renner’s Actions are Disgraceful: The letter fails miserably at defending Renner, it mostly claims his antics […]

Stand for your Right SUNDAY

Update:  Guns Save Lives will be participating: By:  Diane Benjamin We have a GOD-given RIGHT to protect ourselves.  That RIGHT is enshrined in the Constitution. Sunday 1:30 in front of the BCPA in Bloomington: Stand up for your 2nd Amendment RIGHT. Bring signs and flags.  The rally should last until 3:00 I will be […]

Get Scott Laughlin some gun facts!

The 2nd amendment wasn’t written when the only guns were muskets! Scott Laughlin thinks today’s guns don’t qualify as a right.  He needs to know HISTORY. Excepts: Gun-control advocates often argue that gun-control laws must be more restrictive than the original meaning of the Second Amendment would allow, because modern firearms are so different […]

Monday: Finally Public Safety!

By:  Diane Benjamin The main job of government is to protect the liberty of its citizens.  We EXPECT spending for public safety like Police and Fire.  Monday night the police finally get some help. The City of Bloomington found $55,100 to update the police training facility.  This facility was allowed to become unusable because it […]


Source:  Guns Save Lives Land of Lincoln Credit Union learns nothing, continues with the same failed policy Land of Lincoln Credit Union at 115 Susan Drive in Normal, IL is proud of their “NO GUNS” signage. For many months, they have stuck with their sign advertising themselves as not welcoming to card-carrying good guys […]

Hey Steve Vogel:

By:  Diane Benjamin Stevie, How did Cleveland go?  In Ohio, where Open Carry is legal, nothing happened!  No dead bodies in the street.  No shootouts between Trump and Cruz supporters.  Even the New Black Panthers didn’t cause any trouble. Shootings happen where nobody can shoot back. Need a “safe space” dude? I can’t want to […]

Was fertilizer banned when McVeigh killed 169?

By:  Diane Benjamin Isn’t heroin illegal Pantagraph?  How’s that working out?  You just did a series on it! They couldn’t help themselves.  Today they called for more gun control.  Gun control is nothing more than an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. News Flash: Criminals don’t care what laws you […]