Laws matter in Indiana, not in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin

A deputy Town Marshall was arrested in Carthage Indiana for:

  *  criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon
  *  felony impersonation of a public servant
  *  official misconduct of a public servant
  *  and pointing a firearm at another

Why was he arrested?


Last year I did multiple stories about 2 guys impersonating officers in the Village of Mackinaw.  Many of them are linked in this story:
Robert Davies is now collecting a pension instead of spending his retirement in jail.  He impersonated an officer since 1982, but the Tazewell County State’s Attorney decided not to prosecute.  Mackinaw even threw a retirement party for Davies!
The retired former Police Chief wasn’t certified either – Gary Hartzell.
He’s collecting a pension too.
The Illinois State Police refused to investigate further when the State’s Attorney wouldn’t prosecute.

In Illinois laws do not matter for public officials.

If you want equal justice under the law – move to Indiana.  

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