Laws matter in Indiana, not in Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin A deputy Town Marshall was arrested in Carthage Indiana for:   *  criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon   *  felony impersonation of a public servant   *  official misconduct of a public servant   *  and pointing a firearm at another Why was he arrested? See the story here: […]

Mackinaw: Do Laws Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin If you dressed up as a police officer and carried a gun and started writing tickets you would be in jail really fast. When Robert Davies does it for over 30 years, takes money from taxpayers, and qualifies for a pension, where is the outrage? A REAL police officer who worked for […]

Mackinaw: Impersonating an Officer?

By:  Diane Benjamin     This guy is Robert Davies. The Village of Mackinaw recently issued this Press Release:             The Press Release doesn’t say why just a few months ago Robert Davies was the Assistant Police Chief, not the Public Safety Administrator. I randomly picked the 5/8/17 Minutes.  They show […]