Mackinaw: Do Laws Matter?

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you dressed up as a police officer and carried a gun and started writing tickets you would be in jail really fast.

When Robert Davies does it for over 30 years, takes money from taxpayers, and qualifies for a pension, where is the outrage?

A REAL police officer who worked for Mackinaw from 2009-2018, Maria Cupi, left a long comment on yesterday’s story detailing his alleged crimes.  This is part of her comments:

1. Unlawful use of weapons
2. Illegal searches and Seizures
3. Violation of civil rights
4. Impersonating a Police Officer
5. Leads Violations
6. Firearms Violations
7. Forgery
8. Invasion of Privacy (Accessing and disseminating classified information without authority)
9. Fraud (Wages and Pension)
10. Unlawful Arrests

See the entire comment here:

She has contacted various law enforcement agencies who have yet to launch an investigation or make an arrest.

Where is the equal justice under the law?

There doesn’t seem to be any when public officials are involved. 

Mackinaw is in Tazewell County.

If you aren’t outraged at this abuse of public funds, what does it take?

I have numerous certificates like the ones below showing Davies was a police officer.  Note the signatures were redacted before they were sent by FOIA.

Not checking the credentials of an employee for many decades does not mean the law is immaterial.  Mackinaw:  You need to demand justice.

By the way, this story was presented to 2 other media outlets before BlnNews, both refused to do a story.

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