EDC 2016 Tax Return

By:  Diane Benjamin

How did the Economic Development Council lose $298.319 in 2015 and another $326,863 in 2016?  Spending more than they take in!

From the 2016 tax return:

With losses like their’s, what kind of help did they provide?

We now know how much Kyle Ham was being paid in 2016:


PDF page 10 shows Bad Debt Expense of $183,455!

That means money they were suppose to get but didn’t.

They still had $576,999 in cash at the end of the year.  A lot of it was your tax dollars.

Of course I’m going to post the tax return – lots of other interesting things are on it.  See it HERE

Maybe knowing who the Board of Directors is will help.  Since they don’t publish minutes, we don’t know how many actually attend meetings however:   https://www.bnbiz.org/about/board-of-directors/





8 thoughts on “EDC 2016 Tax Return

  1. Unreal….It is truly amazing how much money is being thrown at this clown car full of Bozos with no return on investment. We would be better off playing the lottery with the money or going to Vegas… At least the taxpayers would have a chance of seeing something for their investment! With these clowns, you might as well burn the money in a 50 gallon drum in the backyard.

  2. The heat was on from the County and Normal for financial reports. No wonder Ham left. Snyder and Farnsworth are on the Board along with Amelia and Fritzen. Nothing more to say.

    1. Agreed. Not all on the Board are bad apples. I’m hoping the next director can purge the government and friends of big government members from the roster. Tweetiebird is spot on.

      1. The City Managers and Country Board member represent the broader community even though they don’t vote. The Aldermen are appointed by the Mayors. Without meeting minutes one will never know what transpired.

      2. EDC needs to be dissolved. There is duplication with BN Advantage and competition for dollars. The City should wise up and set a limited amount to give to these quasi groups rather than giving them whatever the ask for.

  3. I just wonder if there’s ANY board that Amelia is on that don’t spend money like mad King Ludwig? EDC, Brick Streets, Downtown, what next-no don’t tell me-it would take ALL the mystery out of life..

  4. All one has to do is look at the EDC website…. their website represents their outlook and direction… they are not even remotely in 2018… they are dinosaurs in the age of mammals. The demise of State Farm is going to be a giant reset for this area and our failed 20th Century Crony Leadership. Still to this very day, with State Farm laying off 890 highly paid employees and planning on laying off many more, we have heard nothing from these clowns. What should be an “all hands on deck moment” for these economic leaders turns into muted platitudes at best. Example of muted platitudes from our college professor mayor here: “There’s some residual impact upon our community, but the one thing that it also does underscore for us, that we’ve known, and that’s part of our long-term comprehensive plan, is to continue to diversify our economy, so that we’re not dependent upon one particular employer,” said Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner. Yes Mayor Renner and EDC and BN Advantage have done a great job diversifying our economy so far, right? Where is the diversity,Tari? Are you still looking for businesses that “fit” into your idea of what our economy should be? Where are the startups that are blossoming in the towns around us? Where are the new businesses who will be ready to hire the people soon to be laid off by State Farm or area service/supplier companies? They are not here and as result of what you and your cronies have done or not done, thousands of people will be forced to leave this area in the next 3 years. The new little Detroit on the Prairie: brought to you by Renner, Koos, the Chamber, the EDC and BN Advantage.

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