Is truth too difficult for Pam Reece?

By: Diane Benjamin This payment was in the 8/1/2022 Normal Town Council packet: Note the $2000 was paid from Pam Reece’s discretionary funds. Since it was paid from her funds, she should know why it was paid. Watch this exchange that happened at the meeting. Pam can’t remember what the $2000 payment was for, she […]

Update: Why At-Large Elections are “the oldest trick in the book”

If you want to listen to Kathleen Lorenz’s interview with Steve Suess, it isn’t on the Cities 92.9 website. Use this link: By: Diane Benjamin The referendum question has enough verified registered voter signatures to be on the November ballot. I doubt that will stop the “elites” from challenging them. The article below explains […]

Did Bloomington create a new way to spike pensions?

By: Diane Benjamin On the 7/25/2022 Bloomington Bills and Payroll report was an Accelerated Payment to IMRF for $5,568.15. Since the Sick Leave Buy Back policy was FINALLY phased out, I FOIA’d information on this payment. This is the explanation I received from the City of Bloomington: Their note doesn’t explain what I received from […]

Bloomington: priorities other than roads

By: Diane Benjamin The actual meeting was only around an hour. The Council was in Executive Session for the rest of the video. Gary Lambert lambasted the City for the cash reserve levels during Public Comment, this is a must listen: Hit play below to hear the City is only spending around $9 million on […]

Property Rights Immaterial in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin I attended Normal’s Planning Commission meeting last night. I only stayed for 3 hours, it was still going on when I left. Here’s the takeaway: When government claims it can’t protect your property rights because laws and regulations don’t allow it, your government needs replaced with one who understands the Constitution. See […]

In case Karyn Smith runs again:

By: Diane Benjamin If you like listening to Biden and Harris explain the economy, this video is for you. I’m only posting it in case Karyn decides to run for re-election next year. This is from last Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting. It’s fingernails-on-a-chalkboard folks:

Kevin McCarthy celebrates grants

By: Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal lives on grants, they think it is fantastic to bring money back to Normal. What Normal is really doing is getting grants for things they can’t afford – the underpass being the latest. It is an amenity that isn’t needed, Normal just want it. Like inflation? The feds […]

Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

Next Wednesday Unit 5 will vote to put a referendum on the November ballot to raise property taxes. Taxes on a home valued at $180,000 will increase $500 a year. Nothing in the WOKE curriculum is being cut. Next April voters can elect non-teachers union backed School Board members. If this doesn’t pass in November, […]

Fly on the Wall: Ask your kids!

Ask your kids if they have ever been told not tell you about something that happened at school. I know one district where it has happened. Make it clear to your children they MUST tell you. You are your kids parents, not the school. You can’t keep them safe from things the schools are hiding.

Normal tonight and something you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin See tonight’s packet here: Besides other items, Normal will be giving $100,000 from ARPA funds to Carle for the Mobile Clinic that Bloomington already passed giving $150,000 for. FYI: Normal has an undated Social Media policy: If the Town’s public comment policy doesn’t prove to you Normal does not […]

Kathleen Lorenz

By:  Diane Benjamin Steve Suess interviewed Kathleen Lorenz for his entire Sunday show.  Actually Kathleen did most of the talking. This is a must listen to discussion.  I am not going to comment until Stan Nord is on the same show next Sunday.  I refuse to be accused of feeding Stan talking points, he has […]