Fly on the Wall: Sharon Chung

Democrat deliver? Deliver what?

Why don’t Chung’s TV commercials say she’s a Democrat? Is it in tiny letters somewhere meant to deceive voters?

Why doesn’t Chung mention defunding police in commercials like she did on the County Board?

Democrats Deliver: deceit to get elected, tax increases, and criminals back on the streets. Dems gave Illinois no cash bail, if Chung wants the criminal vote she should mention Democrats Deliver for criminals instead of pretending not to be a Democrat!

I didn’t hear Chung mention she was endorsed by Dick Durbin either. Is she hiding that one?

2 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Sharon Chung

  1. You don’t have to know much to see right thru her ads. The one I saw gave her away when she showed a picture of a gas pump, referring to high gas prices as “corporate price gouging”. Problem is, most voters don’t know much.

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