WGLT campaigns against districts – with your tax dollars

By: Diane Benjamin

One would think Public Radio would be fair and balanced since they are supported by taxpayers that don’t all lean far left. They should also strive for accuracy, WGLT fails at both.

See their latest hit piece here: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2022-08-19/normals-electoral-board-to-hear-objection-to-town-council-redistricting-plan

Start with this ridiculous paragraph:

Since it is unclear which signatures Dullard is seeking to have ruled invalid, his challenge of signatures is invalid. Duh.

Ryan Denham made up his own definition of “electors”. The very reason they are called electors is because registered voters cast ballots. People not registered to vote in McLean County are not “electors”.

Of course Ryan missed an even bigger story. The Town of Normal decides (right or wrong) how many electors exist in Normal. They may try to use the number registered 2 years ago for the last national election – it’s over 35,000. The number of registered voters for the June 2022 primary was just over 29,000.

Is Normal really going to claim signatures are required from voters that don’t exist?

Normal is a college town, people leave. Since WGLT is on the ISU campus they should have known that!

Whatever number Koos decides to use there are enough validated signatures for either number.

Denham next tried using division to help his buddies at the Town of Normal. He listed conservatives involved but ignore the dozens of regular citizens, including democrats, who collected signatures. Nice job Ryan proving your bias.

We fully expect Koos and McCarthy to rule against putting the referendum on the ballot. Citizens in Normal are immaterial, Koos proves it over and over. A judge will be needed to actually look at facts. Koos should just end the dog and pony show quickly instead of pretending he’s serious about facts. WGLT probably already has the rejection story printed. The court filing is ready to go, we appreciate Koos showing his true colors.

7 thoughts on “WGLT campaigns against districts – with your tax dollars

  1. WGLT is attacking Cities 92.9 as well, claiming they aren’t really delivering the news because their journalist are bias. I’ve read two hit pieces this week. It seems wrong when a government funded media outlet starts attacking a privately owned media outlet. But of course, big government is good and if they can shut down other media (or make it appear invalid) the sheep will follow.


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  2. It’s a fact that at-large elections hurt black and brown voters. The question that should be asked is whether Ryan Denham, or WGLT management, or both are the racists wanting to keep the minority vote diluted?

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  3. If you read the WGLT article from 8-19 it says they need 2,273 signatures to get it on the ballot. But, click on their 7-6 story about Koos opposing it and they said, “The petition drive needs about 1,000 signatures before it would go to the voters.” I don’t think WGLT expected this kind of momentum and when signatures exceeded their original total they reported by 1,200, they changed the requirement in this 8-19 to 2,273. So now the petitioners are 73 signatures short. Making up news as they go along. WGLT is pathetic.

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  4. Ryan Dunham keeps referring to the people supporting the referendum as activist. Is Ryan Denham not a activist reporter? Is Wglt managaet RC McBride not activist manager? Is Pat Dullard not acting as a political activist in his objection to the petition and referendum. Is Mayor Koos not a political activist?

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