UFEA can’t spell – is this what they teach?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader This pic below is a card mailed by the Unit 5 Teachers Union. Is this why testing scores are decreasing? Teachers can’t spell or proof read? It’s also misleading – reversing recent cuts has NOT been promised! Voting for representatives the Union wants means taxpayers aren’t represented.

Unit 5 referendum

By: Diane Benjamin If Unit 5 has a deficit of $12 million in the Education Fund, why is the referendum going to give them $20 million? This is the wording on the ballot: The below is a screenshot of the now deleted Frequently Asked Questions on the Unit 5 website: There is no guarantee the […]

Responsible Cities PAC isn’t

By: Diane Benjamin Only contributions to candidates or political action committees over $1000 are required to be immediately reported. Other contributions are reported quarterly. That means you won’t know who contributed to either until after the April 4th election since reports won’t be filed before then. Reports are available on Illinois Sunshine for contributions that […]

Consequences for Normal

By: Diane Benjamin When Judge Kording announced the Town of Normal was an “incorporated town” he also stated he knew this ruling would have consequences. It does! Keep in mind the ONLY reason Normal now has a problem is because the elites didn’t want voters to decide if they wanted Trustees elected by districts instead […]

WGLT campaigns against districts – with your tax dollars

By: Diane Benjamin One would think Public Radio would be fair and balanced since they are supported by taxpayers that don’t all lean far left. They should also strive for accuracy, WGLT fails at both. See their latest hit piece here: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2022-08-19/normals-electoral-board-to-hear-objection-to-town-council-redistricting-plan Start with this ridiculous paragraph: Since it is unclear which signatures Dullard is […]

What the referendum really is:

By: Diane Benjamin Putting a referendum on the ballot to ask if voters want to elect Trustees by districts instead of at-large is nothing more then a: Those who want to prevent a Yes or No question from being on the ballot what to prevent voters from having that choice. Isn’t it nice to have […]

Update: Why At-Large Elections are “the oldest trick in the book”

If you want to listen to Kathleen Lorenz’s interview with Steve Suess, it isn’t on the Cities 92.9 website. Use this link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5IPYpDxgHmOmQeJJ4XMjt3 By: Diane Benjamin The referendum question has enough verified registered voter signatures to be on the November ballot. I doubt that will stop the “elites” from challenging them. The article below explains […]

Fly on the Wall: Unit 5

Next Wednesday Unit 5 will vote to put a referendum on the November ballot to raise property taxes. Taxes on a home valued at $180,000 will increase $500 a year. Nothing in the WOKE curriculum is being cut. Next April voters can elect non-teachers union backed School Board members. If this doesn’t pass in November, […]

Allin Township: Ready to pay more?

By:  Diane Benjamin A question is on the ballot for Allin Township:       This was passed at the December meeting.  Read the minutes, does this sound like they NEED the money or just WANT it? See the minutes here:  Allin Township Meeting Before you vote, know what the current rate you pay is, […]

Non-partisan doesn’t exist Tari!

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner was on WJBC this morning.  He stated elections should be taken away from the County Clerk’s office and put in the hands of a non-partisan election commission. City elections are supposedly non-partisan.  What were the first words uttered by Tari Renner when he was first elected? He announced is was […]

Downs Fire: Ridiculous

By:  Diane Benjamin I am reading over a thousand emails I started receiving late yesterday.  This is one of them pertaining to the meeting last Monday: I asked John McIntyre if he said this, he hasn’t responded to my email. From another source I was assured he didn’t because John knows has no authority to […]

Tri-Valley: Referendum

By:  Diane Benjamin If you live in the Tri-Valley School District you should have received information about the Referendum on the March 20th ballot.  The referendum, if passed, will result in no increase in property taxes.  That means if it fails your property taxes will decrease.  The decrease would be between .69 and .70. Last […]

Yes, they lied

By:  Diane Benjamin First the news:  Pepsi is not paying the Ice Center anymore for naming rights ($50,000 a year), the Coliseum is no longer receiving $125,000 from Pepsi as a sponsor there!  Both deals expired 3/31/2016.  I bet you didn’t know that!  total lost:  $175,000 Nothing is clearer than the lies told by Arena […]

Wind Energy caused White Oak Twp Tax Increase

By:  Diane Benjamin White Oak Township met to raise taxes last night.  They voted by referendum because the Township needs more money.  The Agenda lists the increase “not to exceed” .167%: The reason given for the tax increase is: Wind farm revenue is decreasing!  The State is also late paying Motor Fuel Tax. Not surprising, […]