Responsible Cities PAC isn’t

By: Diane Benjamin

Only contributions to candidates or political action committees over $1000 are required to be immediately reported. Other contributions are reported quarterly. That means you won’t know who contributed to either until after the April 4th election since reports won’t be filed before then.

Reports are available on Illinois Sunshine for contributions that occurred before January 1st. You need to know who Responsible Cities is because they will be endorsing candidates. Why would labor unions contribute? Easy: They want government building projects at your expense to give them jobs.

The list below is contributions to Responsible Cities.

I’m sure you will recognize many of the names. Responsible is an acronym Big Government. They endorsessed Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Harris, and AJ Zimmerman 2 years ago. They will continue to endorse candidates left of center and call it “progress”. They supported Mike Straza for Bloomington mayor. Do you ever see him at Council or Public Comment? I don’t.

They will support the Unit 5 referendum and not the candidates who refuse to cut student programs. A lot of information has been added to the website of the Unit 5 candidates Responsible Cities won’t support. Check it out:

6 thoughts on “Responsible Cities PAC isn’t

  1. Was hoping to meet the above candidates at a recent PTO meeting for my kids’ school. Unfortunately, none of those 4 showed up. I agree with a lot of what they’ve said, but after the whole covid experience, I wanted to ask them about what they mean by “expanding e-learning.” Gotta be honest, it makes me cringe a bit.

    I’m down with them not meeting with the teachers’ union due to that conflict of interest, but why are they avoiding us parents???? They say they want to give power back to parents, but none of them took the time out of their day to meet with us. The Union’s candidates were there. It’s a bad look- especially as they dangle more e-learning over our heads. If they can’t take the time to meet with us, why should I take the time to vote for them…


      1. Kind of hard to ask them when they didn’t show up! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        On a serious note though, I saw Emery’s post on why she couldn’t be there and can respect that. My issue was that they’re running as a group of 4 and not a single one of them took the time to come and speak with us. I thought it was a little unfair for Emery to complain about a FB post calling them out for being no-shows.

        You don’t like the criticism or picture of empty chairs, then coordinate with each other and plan for at least one of you to be there. It isn’t “bullying” to point out your absenses. You don’t like it- then have someone show up!


  2. There are numerous posts on this blog about elected officials not showing up to meetings. I agree that Emig should have stepped down vs leave her constituents unrepresented. A decision for all of them not to show up speaks volumes of the Joe Biden hiding in the basement strategy. Hearing from friends after their own PTO meetings, their underwhelming performance was consistent.

    I would be afraid these individuals would resign within 2 years if they found out what the job actually entailed.

    I was at a meeting where these candidates showed up. They were unprofessional and ill-prepared at best. At best, they were silent or grossly ignorant about how things operate.


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