Proof Unit 5 abuses taxpayers

By: Diane Benjamin Below is another chart from the BNWRD financial statements. Since the source is the Economic Development Council, all local governments have the same information: Unit 5 has almost 300 more employees now than they had in 2014. That would make sense is they had more students. They don’t! For the 2013-2014 […]

Unit 5 – you elected them

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT story on Unit 5 property taxes: Your property taxes are going up because Unit 5 needs the money. Below is a quote showing the mentality of the people you elected: People buy homes to live in. It doesn’t matter how much more your house is worth if you aren’t planning […]

Looks like Unit 5 is now hiding enrollment

By: Diane Benjamin Below is what the website looked like until yesterday. Click on About Us – then District Information. The Student Enrollment tab was listed which took you to this page: Student Enrollment has been removed as an option. The link used to be: Click that now to see: This page is currently […]

Need proof Unit 5 exists to create activists?

By: Diane Benjamin The Illinois State Board of Education hasn’t released the Report Card for Unit 5 yet for the 2022-2023 year. Keep in mind the previous year showed 29% of students headed to college needed Community College Remediation. How deficent are the students who choose not to go to college? Unit 5 has […]

Rivian’s new Assessed Value for Property Taxes

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind voters were scared into giving Unit 5 the right to increase tax rates. The below is using the rate Unit 5 charged property owners in 2022. They now have the right to charge you much more regardless of how much the assessed value of your property increased. The below […]

Schools aren’t parents

By: Diane Benjamin We know the District 87 teacher’s union told teachers they aren’t allowed to discuss gender identity with parents unless the child gives written approval. I bet other public schools are the same. Schools: Kids do not belong to you. You aren’t the village raising them. You aren’t allowed to parent kids. Your […]

Unit 5 contract details

By: Diane Benjamin One Public Comment was given at the last School Board meeting by the mom of a bullied student who was punished for defending himself. See 30:55 When the Unit 5 School Board approved contracts on July 19th there was NO DISCUSSION. No recap for the public – nothing. Various Board members […]

Is it purposely difficult to read?

By: Diane Benjamin I would snip this graphic, but you would think I made it difficult to read on purpose. See the original source: How much did Unit 5 pay to create flyers they could easily make themselves? (and be readable) I have a tons of thoughts on this, I’d rather hear yours. […]

Unit 5 is hiring Marxists:

By: Diane Benjamin Dr. Shelvin must believe people of color can not succeed without you paying to “empower disenfranchised communities”. She’s black and successful, how did she do it? DEI pays well – $35 an hour. I enjoy the leftist names for teaching Marxist ideology: Freedom School. Unit 5 doesn’t currently have “quality instruction”? Freedom […]

Unit 5 discriminating based on skin color

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of educating students, Unit 5 is using skin color to determine discipline. They are promoting the idea that deviant behavior is okay for some because they aren’t capable of socially acceptable behavior like following directions and not terrorizing other students. Are grades based on skin color too? Schools should offer equal […]

Tips from 2 readers

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader Uptown attractive! Where Normal is headed now that many residents have no representation in their government: h/t another reader In a Unit 5 classroom: What is PFLAG? Interpretation: Trans students get EQUITY, females get erased. See Lia Thomas and Riley Gaines. This is Unit 5’s gender affirming care: […]

Unit 5 does Gender Affirming Care

By: Diane Benjamin I did this story about Unit 5 for a reason: That story is dated April 13th, responding to FOIA requests accurately is not a Unit 5 strong suit. I finally received the rest of my request yesterday although I still don’t know if everything was produced as required by law. This […]

School District Facts – maybe move to Indiana

By: Diane Benjamin summarizes property taxes by state. Indiana property tax rates as a percentage of home value is less than half what Illinois is. Of course everyone knows schools drive Illinois property taxes. Indiana School Districts: The largest public school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is an agile, innovative educational organization […]

Democrats don’t believe in non-partisan

By: Diane Benjamin This website is funded by the Democrat Party with money Pritzker is pouring into local elections. Non-partisan doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a LONG time (if ever). Below are some bills the Democrats just passed they say who the extremists are: HB 3093 – Requires all public restrooms be stocked with menstrual […]

Unit 5 Fails: Visual

The below is compiled from data on the Illinois Sate Board of Education. More in this story: Quality of Education is going down. More money isn’t going to reverse this course. Electing the people who caused the problems won’t either. Don’t get excited about Unit 5 being above Statewide average. Illinois is BELOW the […]

Number of students down, personnel cost ups: Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5’s own data shows controlling costs isn’t happening. They have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Start with this chart complied from OpenTheBooks: Compared that chart with the one below compiled by Unit 5 – PDF page 15 Why did PERSONNEL costs (blue line) skyrocket since 2015? The […]

3 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Biological males are using female restrooms at Normal Community. The rights of females are immaterial. Cancel culture cancelled the right to privacy for females. 2) Refer back to this story: Remember all those “community” meetings Normal had to hear what people wanted to see in Uptown South? The email Mercy […]

Heard cheaters never prosper? Vote NO and they won’t

By: Diane Benjamin Below is what was put in staff mailboxes at Colleen Hoose and possibly other Unit 5 schools. It does not have a name other than the Vote Yes symbol used by the Political Action Committee who is trying again to raise your property taxes after failing in November. This is obviously a […]

Responsible Cities PAC isn’t

By: Diane Benjamin Only contributions to candidates or political action committees over $1000 are required to be immediately reported. Other contributions are reported quarterly. That means you won’t know who contributed to either until after the April 4th election since reports won’t be filed before then. Reports are available on Illinois Sunshine for contributions that […]

This is why people don’t trust any government!

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 didn’t like the results of the November referendum – so they demand you vote again. Vote No Again Ask Unit 5 Board members how it is possible to be this irresponsible with other people’s money. Anybody see a problem? Anybody? Tim Gleason is pulling the same stunt on Monday. His […]

Unit 5 Special meeting tomorrow!

By: Diane Benjamin Agenda including possible budget cuts: I’m told closing the school in Carlock has to be done, it doesn’t have enough students to justify the staff costs. Otherwise, cutting Administration is just now being considered? What took so long? Where is the report detailing NEW REVENUE? The referendum should be voted down […]

WGLT wants Unit 5 referendum to pass and are paying to scare you

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT employee RC McBride chaired the Vote YES for Unit 5 group that failed to get the referendum passed in November. That should convince you WGLT actively tried to convince you to vote YES, RC is the General Manager. On January 19th WGLT did a story detailing draconian cuts that would happen […]

Government Unions

By: Diane Benjamin Government unions negotiate with friendly politicians over taxpayer’s money putting the public interest at odds with union interests. Private sector unions negotiate with management, public sector unions negotiate with the people they elect. The voice of taxpayers isn’t part of negotiations unless people representing them are elected. I ran across this on […]

Flashback 2014 Election – 1% Sales tax for schools

By: Diane Benjamin I didn’t remember this so I bet you don’t either. A question was on the 2014 PRIMARY ballot to add a 1% Sales tax to be used only for McLean County school facilities. I did this story about the tax: Voters were promised property taxes would go down if the tax […]

Property tax increases explained

By: Diane Benjamin Why are many local governments holding tax hearings? Here’s the legal reason: (35 ILCS 200/18-56)    Sec. 18-56. Legislative purpose. The purpose of this Law is to require taxing districts to disclose by publication and to hold a public hearing on their intention to adopt an aggregate levy in amounts more than 105% of the amount […]