Evans Junior High 6th graders indoctrination – Updated

By: Diane Benjamin

The below is a clear case of government not holding individuals accountable for their behavior. Instead of creating consequences for the problem students, all students were treated as guilty. The fastest way to change behaviors is consequences. The innocent children saw justice doesn’t exist because they were labeled guilty by being forced to participate. Kids aren’t a herd, Unit 5 treated them like they are.

The below was received by FOIA. This was supposedly sent to parents of 6th Graders at Evan Junior High:

The link listed is the same one I covered in this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/11/20/glorious-diversity-vrs-unit-5/

Below is the video that doesn’t cover the same things the link covers. The worst parts of the video are the guy is supposedly reading a book when he obviously isn’t, but then he claims if everyone removed their clothes and skin they would all look alike. Not true, skeletons of males and females are not the same.

Reports from a parent of a 6th grader claimed the people listed above also discussed gender theory. The kids were told them don’t have to be the gender assigned at birth. Think mental illness is being created by presentations like this? Are public schools why the Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooter call himself non-binary? https://www.axios.com/2022/11/23/colorado-club-shooting-suspect-non-binary-attorneys-say

See Dr. Brea Bank’s information on the ISU website: https://about.illinoisstate.edu/bmbanks/

Disclaimer: I have an Associates degree in Psychology. I didn’t continue in psychology because my teachers were nuts.

School Board elections are in April. Unit 5 voters will have better choices.

8 thoughts on “Evans Junior High 6th graders indoctrination – Updated

  1. Everyone agrees that It’s good for kids to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. It’s not good to preach ideology to them.

    If they think their religion is acceptable, then other’s moral beliefs need to be taught too. Start the day in prayer.

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  2. With absolutely zero evidence, shelvin has decided that these kids are racist. She has to justify the title they gave her & the tax payer dollars she is paid. I truly hope the parents do not put up with this nonsense. I hope some of them have the courage to confront this for what it is, and not just roll over and accept it. Furthermore, she has absolutely NO business talking to other people’s children about their sexuality. C’mon parents at Evans. Pushback. Do not remain silent while they brainwash and indoctrinate your children.

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  3. This is insane. Why aren’t people stopping this being done to our children. I don’t understand this. This is why my son is in a private Christian school now. It’s very sad that the small group of people that have the power to stop this done don’t seem to care.

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  4. This entire premise is twisted! Males have an X and a Y chromosome…..females two X’s. That’s it, as scientific as it gets. To teach otherwise is lying for a WOKE agenda and promoting a perversion of nature. It’s terrible what our young people are being taught.

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  5. Many voters saw the salary Shelvin is getting and then promptly voted NO on the unit 5 tax increase.

    Frankly , parents are tired of the sky high local taxes , crappy roads, and the fact that their kids are 2 years behind academically, while people like Shelvin receive such lavish salary and benefits.

    And if one thinks of the outcome of the Unit 5 referendum along those lines , it’s is easy to see WHY voters said No More.

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