Glorious Diversity vrs Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night my church served Thanksgiving dinner at Wittenberg Lutheran Center in Normal to foreign ISU students. These students were from all over the world. The event was called International Neighbors Night.

Some of the countries represented were: China, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Columbia, El Salvador, Nigeria, and Senegal. I know others were represented, just too many to remember!

THREE turkeys were consumed along with tables full of other sides and desserts.

Nobody cared about skin color. Nobody fought with people from countries their governments wouldn’t want them to be friendly with. Gender sure wasn’t an issue! Martin Luther King’s dream of character being the only thing that mattered was on full display.

Contrast that with Unit 5:

This article was used in a 6th Grade Unit 5 class:

At least one class was subjected to 2 hours of gender identity and racism. This class was told just because they were born male of female it doesn’t mean they can’t change their gender. I’m still gathering information, more later.

The article states even infants can distinguish skin color, in other words we are born racists.

At the bottom of the article are tips for pointing out racism and lack of diversity to your kids. In other words Martin Luther King needs erased because character doesn’t matter.

Unit 5 through there Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plans are exposing kids to adults topics they aren’t capable of processing. The result is DIVISION, it’s on purpose. We can’t be the United States if the citizens are forced into groups because of perceived offenses.

The article goes into detail on physical and mental health problems because of perceived discrimination. Discussions enforcing kids are victims means they will believe they can not live the American Dream. Life success isn’t possible with victimhood mentality. There a plenty of examples of people of all colors who have succeeded, Unit 5 isn’t teaching about those. DEI only produces victims. Unit 5 is teaching division, remember the 47 “trainers” Dr. Shelvin deployed across the district? Trained in what we don’t know because magically the zoom sessions weren’t recorded:

The 6th grade problem was brought to my attention by an outraged parent who relocated here from another state. His child would never have been exposed to this nonsense where he moved from. Unit 5 wasted 2 hours on indoctrination while their students are far behind because of remote learning.

School Board elections are next April.

Not informing yourself about candidates and actually voting means this continues.

12 thoughts on “Glorious Diversity vrs Unit 5

  1. As they divide students through their “identity training” they will also be monitoring discipline according to race. (see their action plan on that monitoring)
    In other words, tell the non-white students they are being oppressed by the racist whites and then focus on “disproportionate” (racist) discipline of angry black students lashing out.

    Sometimes you just have to wonder how much common sense these people really have.

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  2. kristen weikle, shelvin, the current school board members are responsible for bringing this rot to Unit 5. Nevermind that students can’t read. Who cares that students can’t spell. It doesn’t matter that students are not proficient in arithmetic. All of that takes a back seat to brainwashing, indoctrination, sexualization of children, racialization of children. The above mentioned leftist progressive marxists must be replaced. Finally, they’re crying for more of our tax dollars. They already receive 80 percent of property owners tax payments. Yet they want more. They’ve already squandered what they’ve been given. Why the heck would we give them more? Considering that they are no longer actually educating children as they have been entrusted to do, why do they deserve more of our money to promote racism, to promote discrimination, to promote sexualization of children??

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    1. Not just ‘concerned’, but concerned and …thick-skinned? stubborn? having conviction? . We need more Stan Nords who will stand their ground and continue to ask the hard questions even in the face of coordinated bullying, not just Karyn Smiths who run for good reasons but then quickly become part of the problem.

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  3. I recently met a guy from Oregon. He escaped from there a couple years ago. Said the school in his area had litter boxes in the school for those kids that self identified as cats. Basically about shocked me out of my gourd, I asked if any of the kids used them and he responded that they did. Say what?!? Imho, any adult, especially in school administration that plays a part in this policy seriously needs to be removed from the payroll and referred to psychiatric evaluation.

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    1. @old stanky,

      It’s here.

      I talked to a local grade school teacher who told me she had a student that identified as a cat. This student would only respond to her instruction with a defiant “meow”.

      The child probably has some emotional issues, I can’t say. However, this wouldn’t happen if parents, and school administration weren’t fostering a radical and harmful social attitude of selfish nihilism. The school administration on the other hand would say this is normal and healthy behavior.

      This is at the heart of Equity. Equity opens a Pandora’s box. It teaches that identity is a “social construct”. What could possibly go wrong?

      You can read in the Old Testament about pagan cultures that believed in sacrificing children to their gods. Maybe it has come back. Are we sacrificing our children on the altar of social “justice”, and equity so that we can gain a selfish sense of virtue?

      What kind of adults will these kids become? We’ll only find out when it’s too late.

      I won’t mention the school or the teacher because it would cause problems. This is where we are today in Bloomington/Normal.

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  4. I’m not taking a position either way, but these comments about litter boxes in class rooms seriously make me question people’s gullibility. Litter boxes were/are added to classrooms due to school shootings. There has not been on instance of child/cat documented from a first-person perspective anywhere. Nowhere means didn’t happen, yo. That professional adults even have to explain this to some folks is just silly.


    1. Sue, I don’t know about litter boxes (seems far fetched to me) but the cat thing did happen. I realize you have to take my word for it but the teacher (a friend) did say it and with more description than I shared, for my friend’s protection.

      In this day and age you can be fire for not supporting the woke ideology. Many examples of that.

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  5. One of the things the left LOVES to do is deny things that are real. I have seen some just recently totally deny that the Hunter laptop is even real and they INSIST that Trump incited violence on Twitter with his J/6 tweets though no evidence except to the CONTRARY exists for that assertion. They live in a strange delusional world and insist it is other people who are not seeing reality. The REAL world is far more like Diane described above with the variety of foreign students all getting along just fine. Also, yes, a large percentage of students are dreadfully behind or totally ignorant of many what used to be basic academic requirements because more time is spent causing turmoil and coddling delusions.

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