More Unit 5 parents need to know

By: Diane Benjamin I received this email from a reader and Unit 5 employee, it hasn’t been modified: . In case it is too tiny to read, a Human Resources employee wrote this email to all employees after the Supreme Court overturned Dobbs and Roe. He wanted them to know “immediate and confidential” counseling is […]

Scott Preston does comedy!

By: Diane Benjamin The Illinois Republican Party sent another mailer for Scott Preston, are they worried about Jim Fisher? This one is hilarious. Front side: Is the picture supposed to portray Preston as a good family man? That isn’t Scott Preston and his wife and kids in the picture. They found a family to use […]

Unit 5 is WOKE, Wake up Parents

By: Diane Benjamin Quote from this story: “School should prepare students for citizenship in our constitutional republic and colorblind society, not turn impressionable children into social justice warriors who view all that is good and just through the distorted lens of race, sex, gender, power, and politics.” This is a screen shot of what […]

Just say NO to Unit 5

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 has a superintendent that uses PRONOUNS! Proof: If that doesn’t tell you your kids are going to a leftist indoctrination camp, maybe this will help. Unit 5 is all in on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Stop and read this article: Is “woke” Weikle only hiring woke teachers? Would […]

Ridgeview Taxpayers: Why are you funding Leroy Schools?

By: Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request with the Ridgeview School District for the following: All documents and communication concerning one of your students currently being bused to school in Leroy. Please include cost, documents showing reasons, and communication with Leroy schools/parents. Ridgeview claimed most of my FOIA is exempt, but I did get […]

Feds forcing boys in girls restrooms

By: Diane Benjamin The below is part of a slide presented at the 5/26/22 Unit 5 School Board meeting. Unit 5, and probably all local public schools, take Federal money for meals. The Biden administration now says Federal money will be pulled from Districts that don’t allow boys to use girls restrooms: Another source: […]

To preserve Freedom:

We owe every generation the promises of Freedom and Liberty given to us. We honor members of the military who died for us, but we too must fight. Keep reading: A VISITOR FROM THE PAST by Thelen Paulk I had a dream the other night, I didn’t understand. A figure walking through the mist, with […]

Six things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) In case you missed this story, librarians in Dunlap got in trouble for reporting a man viewing and printing child porn: Understand yet why schools are sexualizing your kids? It’s the agenda! 2) County Board member Jim Soeldner was at the Libertarian’s meeting I attended, so I asked him about […]

Public Education Collapse: Visual

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 School Board meeting last night after the Board approved teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education in 8th and 9th grades: Sex Education will remain the same next school year for 8th grade, a new curriculum will be used for 9th grade. Everyone will be able to see what is being taught on […]

District 87 gathered information on YOUR kids

By: Diane Benjamin Schools can not use surveys to gather information on students without the permission of parents: Did they get YOUR permission before doing an invasive survey using Panorama? District 87 refused to give me a summary of the results, I doubt I even received the complete survey. The Illinois Attorney General’s […]

Can Unit 5 tell the truth?

By: Diane Benjamin Below is an email received by Jeffrey Wynn from Unit 5: In case the print is too small, Dan Lamboley claims in this email the new High School curriculum to align with Comprehensive Sexuality Education is complete. Since part of the curriculum is complete, Wynn next asked for copies of what will […]

Unit 5 half truths

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 didn’t have many attend their 2nd round of Community Engagement sessions last night. They really want to put a property tax increase on the ballot in November. They need attendees to get yes votes. From a person who did attend, video is not available: Kristen Weikle lamented unfunded mandates. They […]

Unit 5: BIG raises

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 has another Community Engagement meeting tonight! 6-7:30 at Parkside. See the other two meetings in this story: Maybe somebody will ask them to explain this: Remember Superintendent Kristen Weikle claiming on video nobody got 7+% raises between 2019 and 2020? showed total salaries increased 7.9%. Since their […]

Know Your Child’s Rights

By: Diane Benjamin This document is amazing. Parents have rights too, schools have to provide you with ALL materials used to teach. Schools can’t use surveys to gather information on your kids without your permission. We know they are breaking that one! Schools can’t sell your child’s information without your consent. Schools can not discriminate […]

Surprised? They knew and let parents file lawsuits and fought them anyway!

By: Diane Benjamin Parents and people who care about kids need to be on the email list. Today they dropped a bombshell. CALL TO ACTION: JCAR BREAKING – Discovered via FOIA: In September 2021, the Governor’s office, The Attorney General’s office, the IL Education Association (teacher union), Sangamon County State’s Attorney, and educational leadership […]

Unit 5 meeting last night

By: Diane Benjamin The Board did not discuss any part of the Comprehensive Sexuality agenda. They called the agenda items “first reading”. Next meeting will be “second reading”. The meeting started with recognitions of the Grove Chess team that won State, quite an accomplishment. Highschool Esports teams also won state. A large number of young […]

Did Central Catholic go CRT?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t a reader (I can’t find everything myself!) Central Catholic High School will have a new principal: The article states Chris McGraw works for Unit 5 now. It doesn’t say what else he does at Unit 5. Page down, his name is there. He’s part of the District EQUITY team […]

Unit 5 community meetings

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 will be holding 3 community meetings to convince citizens to give them more money with a property tax increase: Saturday, April 23 -11:30 am to 12:30 pm – Normal West High School, 501 N. Parkside Road, Normal Monday, April 25 – 6 to 7:30 pm – Kingsley Junior High School, 303 Kingsley […]

Public Schools aren’t teaching what your kid needs to thrive, they teach this:

By: Diane Benjamin 63% of District 87 students need remedial education at Community College after spending $12,000 per student per year: 35% of Unit 5 students also need it after spending $12,000 per student: Note: Those are the percentages for students who choose to go to college, not every student. Covid is the […]

Porn Star Speaker

By: Diane Benjamin A conference was held March 15th-16th in Schaumberg: ASCD Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Conference presented in partnership with Illinois ASCD. It looks it can be attended virtually April 13th-14th. This note is in the brochure for Illinois teachers – it qualified for Professional Development credits: See the brochure for this event here, I […]

Comment from a teacher in Florida

By: Diane Benjamin Last night I saw a teacher in Florida comment on Facebook that teachers were leaving in droves. I asked her why, below is her response. Is this what teachers here have to deal with? It’s not just Florida; it’s a nationwide problem. Student behavior is out of control. Many parents have not […]

Mental Health was most of Normal’s meeting

By: Diane Benjamin Keep in mind you are paying higher Sales Taxes because of this County experiment. I said “experiment” because the County isn’t following a model, they are building a program from scratch. To have any idea where your money is going you need to watch the entire presentation and questions/comments portion of this […]

ISU kids show up for Public Comment

By: Diane Benjamin Since the Normal Town Council meeting was shorter than usual, one ISU kid only had to wait about an hour to speak since he was off agenda. He brought 15-20 other kids with him that didn’t speak. This guy is a freshman Political Science major at ISU. He’s worried about crossing College […]