Fake news preview

By:  Diane Benjamin On January 3rd you will know why local media is the home of FAKE NEWS! Meanwhile, here’s a preview: WJBC did a year in review – listen HERE Fast forward to hear what they reported for the Coliseum at 31:00 No mention of my findings because of a lawsuit and no mention […]

Since Lisa Madigan failed in 2014 . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin A few weeks ago I wrote about an Open Meeting Act violation Lisa Madigan’s Public Access office was asked to review.  It was filed in 2014 against the Bloomington Election Commission and evidently lost because no ruling was made until I asked for the resolution.  First they claimed the number I provided […]

Is past due now costing you?

See UPDATE: HERE By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington is required to file the Annual Report and TIF reports with the Illinois Comptroller’s office. See this message on the Comptroller’s website for Bloomington:     Source The original due date was in October, the City filed for an extension until 12/26/2016. They missed the deadline and […]

Here: Call Police, elsewhere . . .

By: Diane Benjamin When the Edgar County Watchdogs told the Bloomington Election Commission their meeting was illegal BEFORE the meeting started, they started the meeting anyway. Then, when Kirk Allen, John Kraft, and I interrupted the meeting because it was illegal – they called the police! Relive great moments in Bloomington history by watching the […]

Bloomington RESPONSE times

By:  Diane Benjamin Since the City of Bloomington wants taxpayers to fund another fire station to lower the response times, and taxpayers have already been charged for an additional ambulance crew, here’s another idea: Return to METCOM! I don’t know how calls are routed if a citizen dials 911.  I do know I dialed 911 […]