Since Lisa Madigan failed in 2014 . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin A few weeks ago I wrote about an Open Meeting Act violation Lisa Madigan’s Public Access office was asked to review.  It was filed in 2014 against the Bloomington Election Commission and evidently lost because no ruling was made until I asked for the resolution.  First they claimed the number I provided […]

The fines for Bloomington’s Past Due reports

By:  Diane Benjamin This is an update to yesterday’s story: Bloomington has two reports that are now past due at the Comptroller’s office.  Last night a guy from that office called me after I requested information. First, one of the reports is a TIF report.  If the City is trying to use the excuse […]

Is past due now costing you?

See UPDATE: HERE By:  Diane Benjamin The City of Bloomington is required to file the Annual Report and TIF reports with the Illinois Comptroller’s office. See this message on the Comptroller’s website for Bloomington:     Source The original due date was in October, the City filed for an extension until 12/26/2016. They missed the deadline and […]

Here: Call Police, elsewhere . . .

By: Diane Benjamin When the Edgar County Watchdogs told the Bloomington Election Commission their meeting was illegal BEFORE the meeting started, they started the meeting anyway. Then, when Kirk Allen, John Kraft, and I interrupted the meeting because it was illegal – they called the police! Relive great moments in Bloomington history by watching the […]

How much time did you get off?

By:  Diane Benjamin . For New Year’s, all employees get a day and a half off. . . . . Make sure you are sitting down, stay calm, if not –   walk away now. You were warned!           . . Yes, Virginia -Santa brought City employees all day […]

Bloomington #2 (that’s not good)

By:  Diane Benjamin Here Are The 13 Most Dangerous Places In Illinois After Dark As the sun goes down, crime tends to rise, and in these Illinois towns, you’ll want to be especially cautious. In no particular order, here are 13 places in The Prairie State that are quite dangerous after dark: East St […]

High School comparisons

By: Diane Benjamin Below is a summary of stats taken from the Illinois Report Card on schools: This is area High Schools only.  All the data is from the pics below except class size, that was taken from another page. State Averages :  Ready for the Next Level:    33% College Ready:   46% . […]

Have you checked your kids school?

By: Diane Benjamin The below is from the Illinois Report Card website: This report only compares area Elementary Schools.  Click below to enlarge – Where does the data  come from?   If this doesn’t start a conversation, nothing will. Screen shots from the website are below.  The chart shows the percentage of kids ready […]

News from CIRA’s minutes + Soccer

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Airport has their new website: Meeting dates, agenda’s, minutes etc can be found under “About the Airport” and then “Airport Authority”. Since I haven’t had time to follow them lately, I clicked on the November minutes and found this under Public Comments: The address is Bloomington.  It’s […]

Chicago forced to stop using Private Email

BGA Forces Release Of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Private Emails, Garners Landmark Policy Shift As a result of a BGA investigation and legal action, The City of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have agreed to release all of Emanuel’s private emails related to city business—subject to any applicable legal exemptions—and institute a new policy that will […]

Since Tari CONTINUES to claim . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner was back on WJBC this morning claiming the challenge to his petitions was “much ado about nothing”.  Listen Here Since Tari lives in an alternate universe, I got my hands on the actual tally sheets the Bloomington Election Commission used while reviewing signatures.  Many were tossed because the Signatures didn’t […]

Stanford AGAIN

By:  Diane Benjamin At the October 20, 2016 meeting this was approved: Notice anything strange? It doesn’t say who the contract was given to! That information had to be obtained by FOIA: Next, see who the Village Clerk for Stanford is – the person who writes the minutes: Understand now why the minutes don’t […]

Selzer: You shouldn’t delete if you believe

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent me screen shots of a conversation County Board member David Selzer was having on Facebook about moving the County Board meetings to 7:00 at night.  If he hadn’t deleted the conversation, I probably wouldn’t be posting it here.  Evidently Selzer knew he was wrong.  More than one person was […]

Update: Normal: GREAT public comments

The right video is below! By:  Diane Benjamin I enjoy hearing the train whistle load and clear on the Normal Council videos.  I guess when you take federal money for a new train station, then decide to put the Town offices and Council chambers above it, they deserve have the meetings interrupted by trains. Three […]

Does Renner know what TRUTH is?

By:  Diane Benjamin See the report issued by the Bloomington Election Commission in this post: The document clearly shows Tari Renner submitted 785 signatures and after the line-by-line review he ended up with 581.  That means 204 signatures were found to be invalid.       Below is an email a citizen sent to […]

Why the Bloomington Council needs DUMPED!

By:  Diane Benjamin A few meetings ago the Council voted to release some Executive Session minutes.  I FOIA’d what they agreed to release.  See what I received here:  foia-exec-sessions Executive Sessions are their very frequent SECRET meetings to discuss the City Manager’s Salary, land purchases, lawsuits, and contract negotiations. Discussions pertaining to TOM HAMILTON who […]

Normal’s spending tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin Why is your money going to the Chamber of Commerce?  So they can buy an election when the Chamber endorses candidates? MCLEAN CO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE     ANNUAL DUES   $2,172.00 MCLEAN CO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE    ANNUAL GALA    $1,000.00  . Koos took a trip to Pittsburgh for the National League of Cities conference + […]

Danvers is the latest!

By:  Diane Benjamin In the last two weeks I have been contacted by many people in small towns surrounding Bloomington-Normal.  They are tired of being abused by their government while information on spending is hidden. The latest to contact me is Danvers.  The citizens have a new FACEBOOK page to spread information since Danvers doesn’t […]

Pantagraph doesn’t see FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Anonymous Editorial Writer at the Pantagraph urged readers to sift out FAKE NEWS and rely on them along with other main stream sources: Trying not to laugh, I read it. Just last Saturday, the Pantagraph ran an AP story that used Media Matter for America as a source: Associated […]

You are the CENTER of the target

By:  Diane Benjamin The assault on Bloomington taxpayers continues at Monday’s City Council meeting.  The target isn’t on citizen’s backs – it’s on their wallet and their Quality of Life.  Other people need your money more than you do – the City Council will gladly hand it over and claim Economic Development! Is Kroger really […]

WJBC: Please stop the FAKE NEWS!

By:  Diane Benjamin From WJBC website:  Article and News Reports Tari submitted 785 signatures, the election commission found 581 valid. Not only did Tari Renner turn in over 200 fraudulent signatures, WJBC choose not to report that!  See below. The reporter ignored the conclusions reached by the Bloomington Election Commission.  Isn’t the conclusion the most […]

Renner’s greatest hits

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been accumulating Renner quotes for a few days because they show his character.  If his petitions looked legitimate they wouldn’t have been challenged.  They didn’t.  If Kevin appeals the Election Commission ruling to a higher court, I bet more signatures would be thrown off.  They allow looking for patterns of fraud, […]

Renner survives Gerrard’s challenge

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari Renner still had enough signatures approved to stay on the ballot, but my sources say 204 were thrown out.  That’s an invalid rate of almost 27%.  Evidently gathering legitimate signatures wasn’t a high priority. My sources also say more many people were not registered to vote at the addresses them wrote […]

More FAKE News: WJBC, Matejka

By:  Diane Benjamin WJBC gives citizens a platform on their “Forum”.  Since some individuals use this platform to spout lies, they need to be exposed.  Eventually WJBC doesn’t care. The latest culprit is once again Mike Matejka.  See his comments HERE Matejka claimed the challengers to Tari Renner’s petitions didn’t do the hard work: Those […]

Diana Hauman stays on the ballot

By:  Diane Benjamin I caught part of a video live stream on Facebook from the hearing of Bruce Meeks’ challenge to Diana Hauman’s petitions.  It was enough to know the hearing was a lawyer’s game of procedures, not based on evidence. The Bloomington Election Commission has a lawyer and so did Diana Hauman.  Bruce Meeks […]

Bloomington has a new website!

By: Diane Benjamin I hope they aren’t done with it – because it doesn’t go where you click. Why did Bloomington need a new website? The old one was pretty good except for the missing information. What was missing? The financial statements for the year ending 4/30/16 Any reports of tax receipts since Hales quit […]

Lisa Madigan Fail: Bloomington Election Commission

By:  Diane Benjamin Back in 2014 one of the guys that filed challenges to petitions for candidates in Bloomington knew the Bloomington Election Commission wasn’t following the law as required by the Open Meetings Act.  Bruce Meeks filed a Request for Review with Lisa Madigan’s Public Access Office.  In February 2014 the Attorney General decided […]