Does more school spending get results?

By:  Diane Benjamin

All of the numbers below are from the Illinois Report Card on public schools:


Now see this graph on spending since the Department of education was established by Jimmy Carter:

deptofedRead the whole story  HERE

Obviously, the answer is NO.






11 thoughts on “Does more school spending get results?

  1. Depends on what they do with the spending. For example, if they hired more teachers to reduce class sizes down to the 18-20 range across the board, I guarantee you school performance would increase, a lot.
    If they got rid of the standardized testing nonsense, they could use the millions and millions of dollars they waste on it to invest in actual education.


  2. I would say “no”, spending more does not get better results. Many private schools spend way less and get better results.

    I remember being on a board and if you had a billion dollars to spend they would spend it all and still ask for more. They wanted white boards, more expensive PC’s, etc.

    I remember one board member who claimed that when PC’s were brought in the test scores dropped. I don’t know but that sure seemed like the results to me.


      1. Well before you enroll four kids, check what it cost and please estimate your fuel and car upkeep to transport , also. Oh and plus insurance.


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