High School comparisons

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a summary of stats taken from the Illinois Report Card on schools:  https://illinoisreportcard.com/search.aspx?address=Bloomington&miles=5

This is area High Schools only.  All the data is from the pics below except class size, that was taken from another page.

State Averages : 

Ready for the Next Level:    33%

College Ready:   46%



Continuation of above schools:

Heyworth and Olympia
Continuation of Heyworth and Olympia:


7 thoughts on “High School comparisons

    1. Tri-Valley bribes the kids to do well on state tests – at least they did when my kids attended. The PARCC test is a bad way to compare schools since the kids didn’t really care about doing well on it since it didn’t affect their grades. I wish Illinois would compare their schools to other states instead of just to each other.


  1. Were these the scores from Fall 2016? If so, it makes sense that they wouldn’t be ready for the next grade, since the school year just began. They’d have all year to prepare for the next grade.


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