Stupidity Chronicles

By:  Diane Benjamin Today the Pantagraph printed a Letter to the Editor submitted by Roger Hellman.  I’m purposely using his name.  Although he doesn’t say what kind of gun legislation he wants to see, it’s obvious he would be delighted if every gun was confiscated.  See it  HERE Is the Pantagraph this clueless?  Roger thinks […]

Normal: Monday’s agenda and bills

By:  Diane Benjamin This statement is in the minutes for approval from the last meeting: Koos had 7 people interested, 3 that had filled out the on-line form.  See this previous story: Normal allows spiking too.  CDM (Children’s Discovery Museum) Foundation Board has 13 Board members.  Since the Board is a non-profit, why did […]

Justin Barr arrested in McLean County

By:  Diane Benjamin I logged on this morning and found the previous stories about Justin Barr had been read a zillion times overnight, so I need to post the new charges against Barr in this County.  He has been charged in numerous others. The top stories read overnight: New McLean County Charges: […]