Koos fib

By:  Diane Benjamin

At the last Normal Town Council meeting Mayor Chris Koos claimed only one person has asked to serve on the Connect Transit Board and that person is currently unavailable:  https://blnnews.com/2019/06/18/the-connect-disconnect/

He must not realize his statement might cause someone (like me) to FOIA the information.

I received 122 delicious pages, more than one person has inquired about being appointed to the long vacant position.  Below are the 5 I’ve found so far.  Evidently they aren’t the “right fit”.  The first 3 filled out the form provided on-line, the other two emailed.









This email proves Koos was informed about John Witlow’s interest




Chris, when it is this easy to disprove what you spew – what do you think it does to your credibility?

15 thoughts on “Koos fib

  1. It’s constant, and it’s in every nook and cranny of government from local on up – Good going Diane you are amazing with these FOIA requests. I can just hear it too “oh, well, we’ve only had one applicant…” they LIE and LIE and LIE even when they are caught they continue to lie and go into deny deny deny. It also seems they will lie about ANYTHING – Next he will pull an Obama and say “I didn’t know anything about it, nobody told me” Well, just like poor out of the loop President Obama used to have to get HIS news and information from TV (Riiight) maybe Koos will read it here LOL LOL. It just kills me they are either always lying or out of the loop, which is it?

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  2. The sacred cow (Transit Disconnect) must be protected at all costs from those who would make it what it should be rather that what Fuhrer Koos and this Brown Shirts want to keep it as (a dysfunctional black hole of taxpayer money). So telling lies are OK to Fuhrer Koos. The ends justifies the means in his mind.


    1. Yes it is one of the sacred cows for sure. Others would be The BCPA, The Colosseum/Arena
      whatever White Elephant, and The Children’s Museum (I’m not sure if they pull in a profit or not, if the do then they may not be as sacred as the others)


  3. I still can’t believe Koos would say that and not expect to get fact checked. Seriously, he must think everyone is either too dumb or ignorant to check. Nice work Diane.

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  4. Facts are immaterial to Koos and his cronies on the Normal Town Council. They’re in their own alternative universe that could care less what other people think or what the facts are or even if people catch them in a lie.


    1. That is why there is a new definition in the dictionary for telling fibs. Used properly as:
      1) I got Koozed to they told me I could keep my doctor.
      2) A little white Koos (lie) is not really bad is it?
      3) The media koozes about the news all the time.
      4) Tell a Koos and you surely will go to hell. (My mommy told me to never tell a Koos.
      Synonym(s) Replace Koos with Rennered, Taried, JBed, Madiganed or nixoned

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  5. Lying Liars. Just listen to his leftist comrades on the Federal level, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, hillary, obbamma, every single progressive communist. They all lie. They look into the camera, speak into the microphone and lie. It is who they are with every cell of their being. It is impossible for them to tell the truth. And on top of that, they are THIEVES! The lie to us and they steal our tax dollars from us.

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    1. They all lie all the time. They don’t care and they’re all in on it. They just need people watching TV to believe the lies so they can build a country based on lies. Good Times!

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