Tari, I finally have time to get to you!

By: Diane Benjamin Tari’s greatest lies part I lost count: https://www.cities929.com/steve-suess-podcast/ Tari Renner’s interview with Steve Suess starts around 45:00. Lie #1 Nobody has ever stated your entire police force is corrupt. I stated a bad cop can make ALL of them look bad. Lie #2 Diane makes stuff up. Since Tari claimed he doesn’t […]

Koos fib

By:  Diane Benjamin At the last Normal Town Council meeting Mayor Chris Koos claimed only one person has asked to serve on the Connect Transit Board and that person is currently unavailable:  https://blnnews.com/2019/06/18/the-connect-disconnect/ He must not realize his statement might cause someone (like me) to FOIA the information. I received 122 delicious pages, more than […]

Media is destroying democracy! (Rauner)

By:  Diane Benjamin We aren’t a democracy, but I might as well use the language of the left.  It fits. It’s bad enough the Pantagraph refuses to do investigative reporting, but now the media is threatening to throw an election for MONEY. Cities 92.9 knows Bruce Rauner is lying in his endlessly running commercial claiming […]

Pantagraph Editorial

By:  Diane Benjamin Anonymous Editorial writer published one today against Tari Renner:   http://www.pantagraph.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-mayor-needs-to-change-his-ways-and-fast/article_5de7dedd-4ac6-5590-8ebe-f5c1c1f95d2b.html You can decide for yourself why they wrote it. Even though a comment by Bruce Meeks stating he had never sued the City was published in THEIR paper, the writer allowed Renner to claim yet again Bruce has been suing for 5 […]

Remember when Tari claimed officials had been assaulted?

By:  Diane Benjamin See the VIDEO in this story:  https://blnnews.com/2017/10/10/should-renner-be-back/ What Tari claims has happened is a FELONY.  Were police reports filed? NO! Why was it denied? I originally tried to file for a longer time frame, but they told me it was too long.  Then the City lost my response to a request to narrow […]

Pantagraph LIES!

By: Diane Benjamin Today an editorial writer is attempting to rewrite the history of Japan, Tari Renner, Margot Erhlich, and PCards. I have the minutes of the Sister Cities Committee.  Margot is NEVER listed  as a member or attending a meeting!  The editorial claims she is a member and everybody should ignore the law! If […]

It’s the Lies – too many of them

By:  Diane Benjamin Repeat lies often enough and either some people will believe them – or somebody might check the facts! Let’s check some facts! David Hales and the Coliseum management like to spout economic impact numbers.  If accurate, the City should be swimming in all the new revenue created by the amazing gift thrust […]

Dick Durbin: Head Liar

Maybe he’s still behind the other DC liar from Illinois, but not by much. WH: Durbin story ‘did not happen’ By Justin Sink White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday flatly denied that a House Republican told President Obama “I cannot even stand to look at you” during negotiations over the government shutdown. “It […]

The Fracking Lies continue

by Diane Benjamin As previously reported (http://blnnews.com/2012/08/30/fracking-under-attack-with-fraud-in-mclean-county/) (http://blnnews.com/2013/01/23/fracknation-exposed-the-energy-haters/) some people will do anything, including lie, to stop the use of fossil fuels.  We are all affected because cheap energy is essential to the economy of the United States.  Double gas prices have put a lid on potential economic development when families have fewer discretionary dollars.  Cheap natural gas collected […]

More Lies and Cover up – “Bin Laden Raid and Kill”

The Stand Up America US Research and Analysis team has learned from a senior and sensitive intelligence community source and official that President Obama did not know of the raid in Abbottabad to kill Osama Bin Laden on May 1st, 2011 until after the helicopters with SEAL TEAM 6 had crossed into Pakistani airspace. America’s most […]

Dr. Gill Claims a Woman Died From no Healthcare, Turns Out Patient Doesn’t Even Exist

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Warner Todd Huston -By Warner Todd Huston Democrat David Gill is having a few problems in his race for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois. Not only did he think he got his nomination on “a cold March day” (it just happened to have been in the 80s that March) but he’s […]

WEEK TV – How long Are You Staying With NBC?

MSNBC Caught Lying in Romney smear It’s not the first time they have doctored videos for their agenda.  How long are the affiliates going to keep supporting NBC?  How long is the public going to support NBC affiliates?  Anybody still watching NBC NEWS?  Does WEEK do the same thing to video?  How would we know, […]

Pantagraph prints more Associated Press Propaganda

by Diane Benjamin Maybe someday the Pantagraph will fact check Associated Press articles before printing, I’m not holding my breathe.  In the meantime, if the byline is labeled Associate Press don’t bother reading the story. See A2 – top of page, story about Egypt.  The last paragraph again repeats the Obama lie that the deaths […]