Heeeeeerrrrreeees Tari!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks to the Vidette, video exists of Tari’s speech at the NIOT Democratic rally.  Tari’s portion is less than two minutes.  They took short clips of various speakers and put them together.

I have no idea what Martin Luther King had to do with this event since it was supposedly to oppose the temporary travel ban, but MLK was Tari’s topic.

Quote used by Tari:  No lie can live forever.

It’s time Tari quits telling them!  Watch Tari’s part of the video first or this won’t make any sense

Tari acts as if Democrats were not the party of:

  • Jim Crow laws.
  • Segregation
  • Blacks sent to the back of the bus
  • Re-segregated of the military under Woodrow Wilson
  • Founders of the KKK
  • The ones who turned the fire hoses on blacks
  • Opposed the Voting Rights Act
  • Called MLK a troublemaker
  • Wiretapped MLK

The list could be MUCH longer!

Tari and other Democrats want blacks to forget history.

The Democrat party is the party of 4’s:  Slavery, Secession, Segregation, and now Socialism

Did the crowd at the NIOT event know Tari’s claims about “not going back” were true, but only because Republicans have been wiping out Democrats at every level of government since 2010.


13 thoughts on “Heeeeeerrrrreeees Tari!

  1. Meanwhile Paul Ryan sure celebrates diversity:

    Guess what? No political party owns civil rights. Both parties have had individuals who did not want to associate with blacks. I know you like to appropriate MLK but he had disdain for both parties. He realized that both parties were at fault for the lack of Civil Rights. Its easier to claim MLK and rest your laurels on Abraham Lincoln than actually doing anything about equality. Tari is a jerk to a lot of people while disregarding his own trespasses. In my book, both you and Tari Renner are wrong.


      1. Lincoln wouldn’t recognize the Republican Party that exists today. You know political ideologies change over time, right? I’m pretty sure you’re the one that needs a history lesson, Diane.


      2. Errr duh. Abraham Lincoln was GOP? Oh gosh haven’t heard that. Two words: Southern Strategy. The GOP couldn’t get votes in the South so they wooed Southern Democrats who were angry with desegregation and the Civil Rights Act. It took Abraham Lincoln to emancipate the slaves but it took people willing to sell out his party’s roots to be the safe space for new racism to expose it as just another political party. Maybe you and Tari can have a debate about which party is the champion of civil rights. We can see how long it takes for someone in the audience to has their head explode for having heard two charlatans speak nonsense. No one owns Civil Rights.


  2. @ PC,,,Lol, you’re right that Lincoln wouldn’t recognize either party (so to speak) these days but neither do I and I am still alive! They’ve changed tremendously over the last 20 years! Both parties have become extremists. Both parties suck.(Both – think crooked Jill Stein of the Green Party, what a hypocrite!) Neither were ever very good in the first place. Too many crooks involved. Now the locals just follow the lead of the big boys. Dirty, rotten, scoundrels!


  3. Until you understand that they are all in it together, no one can make a difference. There a two parties to give us the “impression” that they are different. The last time a political party that gained control of the White House, Senate, and House, and thus was veto proof, rescinded a law that they all complained about to get elected, was 1865. That is not a misprint. 1865. They harrumph around and gripe and complain about each other, talk a big game on both sides, and then do nothing. You heard it here first. Obamacare will not be repealed.


  4. Reminds me of some OTHER ranting, raving and salivating dictators of the past. Wonder if he rants like this when he teaches also? Kind of scary actually!


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