Update: What the “welcome” sign means

uhighThis sign is at U-High.  Normal Community also has one.  Evidently being here legally isn’t a requirement.


By:  Diane Benjamin

This is the sign Not In Our Town supporters are putting around town:

signaIt means one thing to the people upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election and something totally different to everybody else.

It symbolizes HATE.

Hate for conservatives who think America is a sovereign country and should protect her borders the way every other country does.

Hate for people who don’t want to see another 9/11.

Hate for everyone who doesn’t want to see another Boston Bombing committed by “immigrants”.

Hate for everyone who doesn’t want to see another San Berardino committed by “immigrants”.

Hate for people who want sanctuary cities de-funded because of incidents like the Kate Steinle murder by an “illegal immigrant”.

Hate for President Trump doing exactly what he campaigned on and got elected because of.

Hate for themselves because they lost.

Hate for Freedom of Speech that can’t be controlled.

Hate for the American melting pot, they want diversity not one country born on freedom and liberty for all.

Hate for taxpayers who don’t want to pay for “refugees” and “illegal immigrants”.

Hate for the taxpayers in Bloomington-Normal since both mayors participated in the NIOT charade.

(Many people entering the NIOT event yelled that their grandparents were immigrants.  Mine too, but they didn’t get welfare, housing, food stamps, and medical care at taxpayer expense!  They got nothing but freedom.)

Hate for me – just read my Twitter feed!

These haters have now crossed the line courtesy of your local schools.  The picture above is from a Unit 5 school.   Your kids are being brainwashed to believe in open-borders and keep their mouths shut.  The guy who sent this pic will be putting his kids in a private school next year.  If your school has one, contact the school board and demand it be removed.  The sign is a symbol of:  Laws Don’t Matter Here.

When American citizens, born and raised here, have fewer rights than foreigners – America has a big problem.

These recap nicely:

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38 thoughts on “Update: What the “welcome” sign means

  1. This is getting out of hand. These signs are a political statement,sold by residents of the Dimmitt’s Grove Neighborhood Association–a private group. Unless District 87 has changed their policy, this solicitation and extended display is not allowed–certainly during school hours. The school district is a tax payer funded entity. If a High Shcool teacher wishes to use the sign as a visual aid during a social study class, that is one thing. But if this is in a grade school, it is inappropriate on many levels. What are these parents and teachers thinking? These political discussions belong in the home just like religious discussions. Parents who don’t approve should complain to the superintendent, not be “forced” to send their child to a private school.


  2. Wait. I thought you were for legal immigration? Syed Farook was a legal U.S. citizen. The Tsarnaev brothers were legal citizens also. So what are we really punishing or improving if screenings are already rigorous? Your characterization of immigrants as mooches is off base read the article linked below.

    Read what happened during a protest against immigration at the Texas border. You wonder why NIOT gets support?

    If your great-great grandparents were being called names because they were immigrants, would you defend them or join in?


    1. Read history! You would know what happened to immigrants here. It wasn’t right, but it made the country stronger because they fought to assimilate. Did today’s immigrants? Were the immigrants vetted before they became citizens? The Dems want new voters, they don’t care who they are


      1. Sounds like YOU need to read history. I know full well. You think you do Apparently you think people should have to be treated bad because that’s they way it was back then. My great grandfather had German heritage learning in his household. Guess he was anti-American. He was atheist too. Immigrants were able to assimilate because of good Americans. Usually people who were recent immigrants themselves. Not because people treated them bad. They were kinda stuck. No ticket back to Germany. Have to make it work somehow. You don’t forget where you came from when you become a citizen, otherwise you become like the people who didn’t want you here in the first place. Have you thought about helping people get ready for citizenship tests or learn American history? You have this strange belief that pain is a prerequisite to be considered worthy. If you are only in it to make life hard on people then you that is truly sad.


        1. Of course you didn’t hear what I said. Let’s play more later, meanwhile read about the Irish immigrants. Then try the Italians. Work your way to a dem sending the Japanese to camps and another dem who resegregated the military. Work back to the Dems who walked out of congress when the bill to abolish slavery was introduced. Today’s Dems are no different


    2. Tolerance and compassion begin at home. Where are the signs written in Polish, Japanese or Vietnamese? Those who place these signs just make themselves feel good. Where were the prayers which were advertised by NIOT from the Imam and Rabbi during the rally? Understanding culture goes a long way to get rid of fear, prejudice and intolerance.


  3. NIOT is a fake anti hate group. Like you wrote above they promote division by refusing to administer intellectual honesty in their politicized narratives. NIOT hates more than anything America itself. NIOT diversity stops at skin pigment. Beyond skin pigment diversity is not tolerated. Especially, diversity of thought.


  4. 50% of the American population agrees with President Trump on immigration (and most everything else). It might make the “not in our town” folks special by puffing themselves up like bullfrogs to protect Muslims, but it completely meaningless in the eyes of many many Americans. We see what has happened in Europe. We know what radical Muslims do without hesitation, so why it is bad idea to make sure the people coming into our country are not crazies? Obama put a 6 month ban on immigration from Iraq. Where were the protests then? If one American life is saved by the ban and then the extreme vetting program it will be worth it. Another American mother that will not lose a child. Why is this problem? It is a problem because we have millions of butt hurt democrats who can’t come grips with that fact that the worst candidate to every run as a Democrat lost to Trump. Over a billion Muslims are not subject to the ban but yet it is some kind of major human rights abuse? Democrats and progressives need to move on. Support what President Trump does is right and actively oppose what he does wrong. Myself and others in the unions around the country applaud his rejection of the TPP. It was the right thing to do. Obama pushed it and Hillary lobbied for it and then said she was against once Sanders made it an issue. The TPP is a really big deal for everyone in the United States. Is there any acknowledgement by the Democrats? No just protests about immigration! Perhaps Putin is working with Trump on banning Muslims, right? LOL what fools they are making out themselves with this silly stuff!


    1. Singling out ANY religion as favored or un-favored is anathema to American values. Thankfully the courts — GOP nominees, no less — are halting this order. If you and others on this “news” site don’t recognize that Trump’s immigration order is a direct assault on the fundamental constitutional values of equal protection and religious freedom, then you’re cherry picking what you want to believe and applying it unfairly. This is nothing more than Muslim ban.


  5. @ TheCentrist: I’m voting you for local ignorant statement of the day for the following two sentences that you posted above, not to mention the fact that as you attempt to be considered as informed and somewhat intelligent, the second sentence doesn’t make a whole lot of sense due to your inability to construct a proper sentence. “You have this strange belief that pain is a prerequisite to be considered worthy. If you are only in it to make life hard on people then you that is truly sad.” * IN ADDITION for what little I know about history I DO KNOW THAT when my full blooded grandmother arrived in the USA from Germany that she and my grandfather WORKED to make their way and DID NOT rely on an established USA to pay their way for them. They raised 12 kids through the depression WITHOUT government handouts on the backs of other Americans. * Personally I do not have a problem with legal immigrants but I do have a problem with the massive illegal immigration policy that is purposely allowing for invasion to ruin the middle class and to destabilize this country while turning into a banana republic.


  6. Your premise is agonizingly paranoid. What amazes me is conservatives have become exactly everything they whined about the last eight years, and I’m a conservative. I enjoy your writing, and appreciate the effort you put in, but this rings a bit histrionic Diane. If permissible, we’ll agree to disagree on this one.


  7. Perhaps it’s time we help these naive morons and help connect them with some of these wonderful seventh century cave dwellers! Start collecting names, addresses, and phone numbers of these people and send the information to CAIR, or any UN country office in NYC for the countries of Yemen,Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, & Iran. In your email, state that the following US citizens support open borders and suggest that they contact them because the US citizens want to sponsor a refugee family to live with them in their lovely home. State that you are willing to revert to being a Muslim ( they prefer reverting to converting because they believe even kaffirs are originally born Muslim) and look forward to taking shahada. Close by saying , Salaams and Allahu Akabar {PBUH)

    P. S. For those in a rush, recommend that they visit their Terrorist Website of Choice.
    ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Queda, Hamas, are the biggies!


  8. Where were the NIOT snowflakes when some of these same countries were being bombed by Obama and his flleet of drones? Nowhere because they are lemmings following the constant stream of ignorance currently being encouraged by the puppet masters of the democratic party. >>> ” Ignorance” lack of knowledge or information <<<
    Not using the term ignorance here as an insult, using it as a matter of fact. It it possible that if some of these NIOT lemmings would pull back the curtain that they would open their eyes and find the real truth and then actually stand up for what is real. But unfortunately I doubt that it will happen,,,in our town.


  9. You just outed yourself as a hate monger. A paranoid one, at that. Funny thing is that many racists and haters don’t recognize they’re racist hate mongers. Read the sign. They mean what they mean. Face value.


    1. Rob, were you born stupid or is it just a recent affliction? Islam is not a race, it’s a religion. Next, there’s no bigger group of hate mongers than you progressive liberals. Have you noticed all the riots, property damage, and personal injury are being done by people of your ilk? Keep kicking the.big dogs pal, it will get very ugly for your kind. Answer me this, why do you jerks keep trotting.out MLK? He’d be appalled at the conduct of the liberals today and he certainly would be a Republican. Last, pass the word to Renner and other white person .who feels a need to go into a black dialect ,STOP IT!! It’s downright insulting and obnoxious.

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      1. If MLK is a Republican than Ronald Reagan was the greatest Fascist to be President. Why would he be Republican? Because he invokes God? Republicans do not own God! MLKs own family sharply rebuked any supposed political affliction people thought he had.


  10. Yes thank you for the clarification. I had an old friend call me a racist the other day. It really showed the depth of her cluelessness and brainwashing by the media. I of course informed her that Islam (an Iron Age cult of death and exploitation) is not a race. I was still a racist in her eyes for supporting the travel ban on the countries that could potentially export bombers and killers. 6 of the 7 counties in the ban were already on a list prepared by the Obama administration. Over 1 billion Muslim from around the world are not affected by this temporary ban. Why is this a problem? The Europeans are learning the hard way about uncontrolled immigration from these same hell holes Islamic states. Do we have to have police in the streets with automatic weapons (like France right now) before we realize that some people are really bad and need to be kept out of our country? So do hundreds more need to die at the hands of Islamic crazies before we say no more? Trump is doing the right thing. Get over it and get on to doing something to make our country a better place for the millions of Americans who need help. Trump rejected the TPP – a victory for all Americans – so is that not a good thing? But the Hillbots among us still can’t deal with the fact that they lost… What a bunch babies pretending to adults. We need a mop and bucket for all their fake tears and phony outrage.


  11. The group who has spearheaded the distribution of these signs, Dimmitts Grove Neighborhood Association, is lead by leftists and liberal Dems. I know; I live in Dimmitts Grove.
    That being said, both NOT IN OUR TOWN and those distributing these signs are anti-Semitic. Why were there no representatives on the platform from the Moses Montefiore Congregation? Why isn’t there an uprising from those in the Jewish community?
    Why were there no representatives from the Bloomington Normal Meditation Group (a Buddhist meditation group)?
    I really have a problem with the lack of diversity and the exclusiveness of this group.


  12. As everyone concern is focused on non-issues like “Not IN OUR Town” the area has begun an economic decline that will turn our two communities into Detroit Juniors. We are fiddling while Rome burns. How about “No Economic Collapse in Our Town” signs instead?


  13. Mexican is not a race either. It’s a nationality. Sick of the liberals calling those who oppose illegal immigration by Mexicans, racists.


  14. @Mudd–> Is the sentence structure too hard for you to understand? Gosh darn! I tried very hard to make it simple for you. I hope you were able cry it out and go back to your fantasy of Donald Trump being your dad.

    Who are you kidding? Even if they were legal you would figure out some asinine reason to blame them for your failures in life.


  15. Good thing your site is searchable. You don’t read Breitbart? You just link their articles without knowing what’s in them? Oh my! The pious savior of Bloomington lies straight up. You can’t be that ignorant to make such as statement and have your site able to be searched. You are so full of it!
    I can see why you don’t like Tari Renner. He is the male version of you! Looking forward to more mud wrestling amongst you two!



    1. Not even close. A perpetual liar vs a truth teller. Yeah the truth hurts most politicians. Are you a politician Centrist?


  16. To: TheCentrist. Will you speak to me in public like you speak to the blog author when we meet?

    My guess is your spine will turn into cooked asparagus.


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