More Unit 5 salary increases

By: Diane Benjamin I previously wrote about large increases in salaries reported to the Teachers Retirement System: Since not every employee of Unit 5 is a member of this pension fund, I also FOIA’d IMRF for salaries reported in 2019 and 2020 by Unit 5. Tracking down who these people are would take forever, […]

Feds forcing boys in girls restrooms

By: Diane Benjamin The below is part of a slide presented at the 5/26/22 Unit 5 School Board meeting. Unit 5, and probably all local public schools, take Federal money for meals. The Biden administration now says Federal money will be pulled from Districts that don’t allow boys to use girls restrooms: Another source: […]

Six things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) In case you missed this story, librarians in Dunlap got in trouble for reporting a man viewing and printing child porn: Understand yet why schools are sexualizing your kids? It’s the agenda! 2) County Board member Jim Soeldner was at the Libertarian’s meeting I attended, so I asked him about […]

Libertarians host candidates last night

By: Diane Benjamin Instead of going to the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night I was at the Libertarian’s meeting. They had 10 candidates confirmed to appear, most of them didn’t. Jim Fisher, running against Scott Preston for the 91st Legislative District was there, Preston wasn’t. Preston had a friend speak on his behalf, […]

District 87 gathered information on YOUR kids

By: Diane Benjamin Schools can not use surveys to gather information on students without the permission of parents: Did they get YOUR permission before doing an invasive survey using Panorama? District 87 refused to give me a summary of the results, I doubt I even received the complete survey. The Illinois Attorney General’s […]

Unit 5: Where is the $21,549,685?

By: Diane Benjamin The Unit 5 School Board is meeting tonight at Normal West – 6:30. Comprehensive Sexual Education is on the Agenda: I watched most of the Phase II Community Engagement virtual meeting last night. Way too much of the presentation consisted of what Unit 5 could do if they had more money […]

Bloomington did their own Normal imitation last night

By: Diane Benjamin Two Council members didn’t bother to attend, Billie Tyus covered for Tim Gleason who also wasn’t there. See if you can figure out who is MIA: Everything passed with little discussion. The video is an hour and 10 minutes long, only because a Township meeting took place before the Council meeting. Obviously […]

Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debate Tonight

Of course Richard Irvin won’t be there because he isn’t a Republican. Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine, and Jesse Sullivan will meet for one hour starting at 7 p.m. WGN-TV is broadcasting the debate, but so are local stations. See how to watch here: I predict these three will split the vote which allows Irvin […]

Updated: State Farm almost went woke in Florida

By: Diane Benjamin Evidently State Farm changed their mind, maybe they saw what happened to Disney. Corporations need to stay in their lane. Go Woke Go Broke! Targeting easy to manipulate children with far left ideology violates the rights of parents. The email at the bottom was leaked by a whistleblower. LibsOfTikTOK obtained this […]

More Unit 5 deception?

By: Diane Benjamin From the 4-26-2022 Community Engagement meetings for Unit 5: Is this what pay freezes and reduced raises looks like? Two more sessions: Monday, May 23 — 6 to 7:30 pm – Normal Community High School, 3900 E. Raab Road, Normal Tuesday, May 24 — 6 to 7:30 pm – Virtual […]

Bloomington: Mboka doesn’t like change

By: Diane Benjamin Tari Renner stacked all the Board and Commission. Mboka continues to just reappoint the same people. No Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mboka? This item shouldn’t be on the Consent Agenda, it should be pulled for further discussion. Does the City want to risk an abandoned property if the owners can’t use […]

Bloomington: Travel and bonds

By: Diane Benjamin Proof COVID is over, Bloomington employees are back to traveling: Go to PDF page 130 and following see for yourself. Don’t miss this one: $6754.00 for ONE Conference. I could say I hope more than one person went for that price, but then I’d have to ask why more than one […]

This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin Part 1: Things to know: All of the data came from the Teachers Retirement System Not every employee of Unit 5 is in TRS Some employees earning minimal amounts (less than $1000) were deleted for clarity The main list has 923 employees A list at the bottom has another 44 with […]

This needs explained by Unit 5 – Part 1

By: Diane Benjamin Part 2: —— Follow-up to this story: shows: In 2019 Unit 5 had 2059 employees – total salary: $85,561,545. In 2020 Unit 5 had 2024 employees – total salary: $90,070,590 That is a huge increase in salaries with fewer employees than the previous year. I FOIA’d the data Unit 5 […]

Four things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Remember the lady in Normal with YELLOW water? Yesterday it was a beautiful shade of green: 2) Now we know why Jamie Mathy stepped down from his Ward 1 seat, he wants tax breaks to redevelop a building downtown. The building has been empty for a long time, so as […]

County’s new lights didn’t work

By: Diane Benjamin McLean County recently added solar lights to “Stop Ahead” signs in the country: The twinkle-sized lights flash yellow, but they don’t show up very well in daylight. It breaks my heart that a young man is dead because a semi-driver ran the stop sign at Leroy-Lexington blacktop and Route 9. Since the […]

Remember the signs Normal puts in the Middle of the Road?

By: Diane Benjamin h/t Doug Fansler Remember these? Doug FOIA’d Normal for how many the Town has purchased and how much they cost. Since 2017 they have ordered a bunch of them. The Town has ONE sign at 6 locations. The signs and stands evidently don’t last long. 8/2/17 Bought 2 for $342.45 8/22/17 […]

Unit 5: BIG raises

By: Diane Benjamin Unit 5 has another Community Engagement meeting tonight! 6-7:30 at Parkside. See the other two meetings in this story: Maybe somebody will ask them to explain this: Remember Superintendent Kristen Weikle claiming on video nobody got 7+% raises between 2019 and 2020? showed total salaries increased 7.9%. Since their […]

Bloomington Roads History and the American Rescue Plan money

By: Diane Benjamin I probably have at least 100 stories since 2012 on road conditions. Tari Renner ran for office promising to fix them – twice. In 2012 the City passed an Action Plan that included “smooth rides on quality well-maintained street”. In late 2013 or early 2014 the City borrowed $10,000,000 for […]

Failed communication in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin Remember when Kathleen Lorenz made an impassioned plea for the Council to communicate better? That happened on May 3, 2022. (Two weeks ago!) Evidently she didn’t mean it. When I posted the story about Normal requesting another $6 million for the underpass, Stan Nord emailed the Council asking what they knew. […]

Know Your Child’s Rights

By: Diane Benjamin This document is amazing. Parents have rights too, schools have to provide you with ALL materials used to teach. Schools can’t use surveys to gather information on your kids without your permission. We know they are breaking that one! Schools can’t sell your child’s information without your consent. Schools can not discriminate […]

Normal: Government by the absurd

By: Diane Benjamin The Feds decided to print money and hand it out to local governments. Tonight Normal wants to hand another $200,000 to Connect Transit from those American Rescue Plan Funds. But wait – this isn’t a one time gift: (PDF page 53) Why is Normal doing this? Not only so “1 rate […]