County Board: Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

In yesterday’s story I neglected to say the audio and video of this meeting don’t mesh. The first 16 minutes has no sound. Need some IT help County? Ask Bloomington, they use the same room.

Refer back to this story, Sheriff Sandage is tired of Sharon Chung stirring up trouble in the county jail.

I suggest you listen to that video again, Sandage accused Chung of some heinous activities.

Don’t forget: Sharon Chung has NEVER toured the jail.

Shayna Watchinski brought this up at 55:35, she claimed Chung was doing her job.

Chuck Erickson who chaired the meeting above was close to livid. He claimed Chung went after Sandage in meeting after meeting after meeting. He claimed he was more than fair to Chung and let her speak, but the Sheriff had a right to respond since this has been going on too long.

Wendt agreed with Erickson.

Don’t forget: Sharon Chung has NEVER toured the jail.

Jim Rogal claimed Sandage crossed the line with FOIAs to other agencies and sending officers to homes. He showed no proof to that second claim, but he did play the Democrats favorite game: Attack the messenger and not the message.

Watchinski followed again with the same claim.

None of the Democrats mentioned Sharon Chung has never toured the jail she claims to represent.

This is a picture of Sheriff Sandage reading his statement:

Board member Beverly Bell closed the discussion with her own statement. Just hit play, you have to hear her for yourself. She obviously didn’t watch the video. Somebody forgot to provide her with accurate talking points. Her accusations are equally as heinous as Chung’s, Bell will also be on the ballot.

If you want to see Bloomington-Normal turned into Chicago south, vote Democrat. Criminals will get a free pass with them in charge – just like Chicago.

7 thoughts on “County Board: Part 2

  1. Leftist Progressive Marxist democrat Bell chiming in right on cue with activist agitator comments. Her handlers are proud I’m sure.


  2. Sharon Chung gonna be playin the worlds smallest violin come Nov. Chung is quite literally , the anti-viagra. #dogmeatDelicacy


  3. Shayna Watchinski is not running for County Board so she can focus on getting her comrades elected using negative campaign rhetoric and character assassination.


  4. Shayna as usual has zero idea what she is talking about. She just runs at the mouth and provides great entertainment. Bet she has never toured the jail either. Bye Shayna. See ya.


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