Sharon Chung is soft on crime

By: Diane Benjamin

Chung is running as a democrat for the 91st District. She is currently on the County Board. The video below proves Chung is unfit to serve in any capacity.

Sheriff Sandage addressed her personally at yesterday’s Justice Committee meeting. He read a long list of Chung communicating with and advising inmates in the McLean County jail. Chung was evidently not aware inmate calls are monitored. According to Sheriff Sandage Chung has NEVER visited the jail, she just instigates unrest in the jail and the to the public.

This is a must watch. Crime is up everywhere because Democrats coddle criminals. Chung’s disregard of County staff and her incitement in the jail puts County personnel at risk. Inmates pass around her phone number, why is that Sharon? After Sandage spoke Chung had no response.

Just hit play:

6 thoughts on “Sharon Chung is soft on crime

  1. Chung, Webb, Laymon , Crabill , Jenn Carillo , Kolby , all the same DSA ultra leftists that DO NOT want a peaceful or united community. They are dividers , haters and ‘phobes, unfit to lead with zero value-added to our community. They most assuredly do not have you – or your family’s safety and best intrests at heart. That’s for sure !

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