Guess what Normal left out of the minutes!

By: Diane Benjamin

Does this prove the minutes of Town of Normal Council meetings aren’t meant to reflect what happens at meetings? Are they simply a propaganda tool?

McCarthy was acting mayor on 4/18/22. During the discussion of Trail East and Trail West Stan Nord mentioned the Town required a restaurant in the original agreement with 1 Uptown Circle. McCarthy vehemently claimed Stan was wrong. See the video in this story:

Now see the minutes from that meeting on 4/18/22: PDF pages 9-10

See any mention of McCarthy telling Stan he is wrong? You won’t find it. Of course McCarthy won’t apologize to Nord for his error, the Town simply covered for McCarthy in the minutes. The BlnNews story proves Nord was right and McCarthy was wrong. The Town will say video is available, but how would anyone know to watch the video if nothing is in the minutes?

Obviously the minutes can’t be relied on. Will Normal start editing the video next?








10 thoughts on “Guess what Normal left out of the minutes!

  1. Dishonesty and deception are qualifications for employment at the Town of Normal. They also prefer those qualities in the representatives elected by the people. So far Stan is the only one who isn’t, which is why they give him so much grief all the time.

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  2. When I asked staff to confirm the mayor pro-tem’s “Point of Fact”, or fiction as I suspected, the Mayor pro-tem ordered no further of 1 Uptown.

    Truth does not mind being questioned.
    Lies do.

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  3. You and Nord still fail to understand the purpose of minutes from a governance and Robert’s Rules perspective. In addition, if the minutes pointed out every alleged mis-statement by Nord, they’d be SUPER long. Aim higher.


    1. Not sure your point. Every board member and constituant should question and its their duty. Stan appears to be the only one that represents his constituants and actually does his job.

      Keep your high and mighty Roberts Rules. Get real and at minimum minutes ARE to reflect reality and truth and transparency and be thorough in meeting minutes and videos to public.

      Unless governance is a dictatorship.

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  4. I remember when Chris was struggling to keep Vitesse running in the Pub II building.

    That person is long gone.

    Chris has forgotten so many of the native Normalites that he has assumed the attitude of the rest of the transplant-carpet baggers who want to transform Normal into Naperville.

    Stan Nord is the only good politician I know.

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  5. Normal’s lack of honesty is a failure of leadership. Chris and Pam conspired when they lied about the National Fitness Campaign being a non-for-profit. Staff know lying is an acceptable means to get their desired ends.

    Instead of holding Pam accountable for lying and being insulting to anyone who calls her out, the council rewarded her with a raise.

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