Normal: What happened next

By: Diane Benjamin

You have to watch the Kathleen Lorenz video in this story to understand Chris Koos wasn’t listening:

Directly after Lorenz called for unity and better leadership Stan Nord made a Trustee comment. I hope Kathleen was paying attention to Chris Koos’ snide remark when Stan was finished. Kathleen: You saw first hand Koos doesn’t care about any opinion that differs from his. Discussions aren’t possible – fall in line of you are his enemy. Koos is why citizens with opinions different from Koos and company don’t speak at Council. Koos is vindictive and passes that philosophy on to staff. His way or the highway is how Normal rolls. Lorenz’s calls for consensus fell on deaf ears.

Kathleen claimed she sees the Council different after just being able to listen to the last meeting. Hopefully she now sees the reality lots of other citizens have seen for years. Dissent isn’t allowed. Discussion aren’t allowed if Koos doesn’t want it. The only incredible twist last night was Kevin McCarthy didn’t call a Point of Order to shut down Stan.

Watch this 4 minute video, it has to do with property taxes and the cost of living in Normal:

11 thoughts on “Normal: What happened next

  1. Of course Koos does not want to get into “tit for tat” with Nord.

    Nord’s numbers and presentation need no defense and Koos knew he did not have a leg to stand on.

  2. Having known Kathy Lorenz fir many years, she may appear to be softening around the edges, but I’m not buying it. She is a snake in the grass through and through. She’s likely thinking about re-election and wants to put some points on the board for herself. Too little too late. She’s a leftist progressive marxist just like the others, only she “says” she’s a republican.

    1. Kathy is a very vindictive person. She can’t handle people disagreeing with her. She’s an emotional wreck. Unfit for public office.

  3. Unity and leadership in Normal means sit down, shut up, do what we say, think how we think, and don’t dare criticize nor question Koos and “his” town council.

  4. Right, Koos is not going tit for tat because he doesn’t have a tit or a tat. He is a narcissistic ego maniac. There is a special place in hell for him and the sooner he gets there the better the world will be.

  5. Lorenz attempting to re-invent herself for an upcoming election cycle – nothing more. She’s always gonna be a happy clapping beta progressive weathervane , it’s just her nature .

  6. Koos adamantely disagreed with Stan when everything he said was totally right.
    Koos must also disagree with every taxpayer and citizen in Normal

    Tit for Tat- maybe he should have publically said what it was?

    I feel sorry for Stan and every taxpayer and citizen in Normal (B-N Too) and the county that disregards budgets, taxing body theft and deceit and calls it “progress”.

  7. The deceptive taxing systems and property tax systems the cities and county have implemented exploit taxpayers too. Koos must not appreciate smart citizens or want input to the board members and live in utopia with systematic and procedural fraud and deceit. Not sure what his point is other than a buddy system getting rich and high pay and pensions being “public servants”.

    Property Tax system and bills need scrutized as well as the deceptive system they use to assess property. Its a sham and not “fiscally responsible” Data that lacks integrity (like Koos said ironically)

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