Kathleen now hears what we hear when watching meetings:

By: Diane Benjamin

The Youth on a Mission kids were allowed to speak out of order last night because they had to get home and study for finals. This was a Koos edict, the Council didn’t vote. “Friends” are allowed perks while citizens wanting to speak off agenda have to wait until the end of the meeting even if it’s hours. That speaks volumes about how Normal operates. More on the kids later.

The Normal Council passed spending $80,000 with Farr Associates to plan Uptown 2.0 south of the tracks. Scott Preston and Stan Nord voted no. The rest of the Council thinks central planning works, they call it Economic Development. 2 other developers submitted their RFQ, the Council was not allowed to know the details. They were told until a vote was taken they couldn’t see them, staff made the decision to go with Farr – not your elected officials. The Council wasn’t allowed to consider a fresh approach, maybe a local developer submitted an RFQ. The Council wasn’t allowed to consider anyone but staff’s pick. Of course Farr was going to be the choice, he did Uptown 1.0. See the RFQ sent without a vote in this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/01/27/uptown-2-0-takes-flight/

Pam Reece got her raise with only Stan Nord voting against it. Later in the meeting Kathleen Lorenz forgot her vote. She has a whole new perspective after participating online at the last meeting where she couldn’t see the Council in person. She really hates 4-3 votes, 6-1 are okay however.

Watch just this 30 second clip of Lorenz or her entire comment below it. She thinks the Council should work together better, the 30 second clip is the culmination of her speech. Keep in mind she voted for Reece’s raise. Stay tuned, you won’t believe what happened after Kathleen’s impassioned plea for unity.

Full comment video – 6 minutes complete with a chemistry lesson:

13 thoughts on “Kathleen now hears what we hear when watching meetings:

  1. Kathleen wants no diversity. There’s no room for opinions that differ from the establishment’s. I bet Kathleen is for government censoring on FB, Twitter and news outlets.

  2. Well Kathaline, we could just have a King or a Dictator and eliminate descension. Problem solved!

  3. What a gross, ignorant woman. Like she’s talking to a second grade class of children. She needs to go.

  4. Does Kathy Lorenz pull this kind of stuff just to ingratiate herself in the hopes of winning in the next election. Thankfully, we remember the 99.9% of the time she has her leftist progressive marxist hat on. She only wears her Republican hat .1% of the time.

  5. So Kathy admits she could do better. Well she’s had two terms. If she hasn’t done better by now then the voters need to do better next round and get rid of her. This woman is nuts!


  6. At the last council meeting in which Kathleen didn’t see but heard everything that was going on she voted against a city staff recommendation. Seems to me she got a talking to from the powers that be and now she’s giving a Koos / Reece approved speech to win back their favor. That’s what their two on one meetings are all about. This is penance for her dissenting vote. Not too hard to see through her crap. Purely staged. I for one am not buying it.

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