Richard Irvin’s lies MUST be Exposed

By: Diane Benjamin

There is a “lady” running for judge in Kane County who claims to be Richard Irvin’s baby-momma. She has two kids with him – and she HATES Republicans:


Former Republican State Representative candidate Tonia Khouri says Aurora Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin’s former law partner described herself as his “baby momma” before saying she “hates all Republicans.”

Khouri said Brittany Michelle Pedersen, who is the mother of two out-of-wedlock children with Irvin and a current candidate for Kane County Judge, made the remarks at a Kane County restaurant on Monday night. She described the encounter in a Facebook post.

Irvin claims he is Democrats worst enemy because he’s a black Republican but then has two kids with a lady who hates Republicans? Everything in his media ads and mailers is a LIE.

A friend of mine and the leader of Illinois Conservative Union wrote this on Facebook yesterday:

The ILGOP continues to allow Irwin to lie because they want him as the nominee – Pritzker will automatically win reelection. The ILGOP is terrified of conservatives, they would rather stay in the minority than allow a common sense candidate to win the primary. This is war, not voting in the GOP primary to defeat this liar isn’t an option!

YOU need to spread the truth about Irvin,

nobody else will.

3 thoughts on “Richard Irvin’s lies MUST be Exposed

    1. You heard correctly. You also have to look at who is behind him. It’s the same crowd that was behind Rauner and their tactics have not changed. Where’s Dan Brady? Where’s Scott Preston? They would never admit to this, but they won’t turn down the money that’s coming their way from the same sources. It’s why you’ll never hear them call this stuff out. Next time you see Dan Brady at a parade near you ask him who he’s supporting for governor. That’s a sure fire way to get Dan to go away.

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