Letter to the Editor: Illegals becoming police

Ok, now I can rest because I have heard it all. The “so called” leader in the Republican party is no leader at all.  House Leader Tony McCombie is instrumental of total misinformation. People better wake up! I am very tired of hearing the opinions of these elected officials instead of what is lawful and […]

Temporary breather

By: Diane Benjamin Thank goodness the primary is over! Congrats to the winners. Before the next onslaught of campaign ads hit, cut the cable cord. Life is awesome without constant lies. The biggest loser is the ILGOP who failed to get Richard Irvin, Kyle Ham, and Rodney Davis elected, probably others elsewhere. Ken Griffin found […]

Look at contributions before you vote!

By: Diane Benjamin It is vital to know who is funding candidates before you vote for them. The Illinois Republican Party is currently a super minority because of their leadership. They have been quite busy funding weak Republicans so they stay in the super minority. They can blame Democrats for everything while bringing home fat […]

Richard Irvin’s lies MUST be Exposed

By: Diane Benjamin There is a “lady” running for judge in Kane County who claims to be Richard Irvin’s baby-momma. She has two kids with him – and she HATES Republicans: https://kanecountyreporter.com/stories/624076695-khouri-irvin-s-self-described-baby-momma-kane-county-judicial-candidate-brittany-pedersen-says-she-hates-all-republicans#.Ym7kJgDOdbg.facebook Excerpts: Former Republican State Representative candidate Tonia Khouri says Aurora Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin’s former law partner described herself as his […]

UPDATE: Is the Illinois GOP responsible for this?

I talked to Connie Beard, Chair of the McLean County Republican Party.  This is a local effort to counter the democrats who are doing the same thing.  No voter fraud here folks. By:  Diane Benjamin Republicans around the State of Illinois should be calling for the immediate resignation of GOP Party Chair Tim Schneider if he […]