Look at contributions before you vote!

By: Diane Benjamin

It is vital to know who is funding candidates before you vote for them. The Illinois Republican Party is currently a super minority because of their leadership. They have been quite busy funding weak Republicans so they stay in the super minority. They can blame Democrats for everything while bringing home fat checks for pretending to represent you.

They are funding Scott Preston: https://blnnews.com/2022/04/15/stop-the-ilgop-from-picking-your-representative/

Scott is the perfect do-nothing Republican, there is plenty of proof during his time on the Normal Town Council doing nothing.

ILGOP contributions come in a variety of names, some say they are coming from Illinois First PAC. The ILGOP runs the PAC!

Research Kyle Ham, 105th Congressional District: https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/37181/

When the Democrats drew the maps they gave this district to the Republicans, small towns and farmers are more conservative. Whoever wins next Tuesday will win in November.

That didn’t stop the ILGOP from handing $30,000 to Ham, they are his biggest contributor. The money came through Illinois First PAC. You can tell it is the ILGOP because of who is Treasurer of the PAC: Dave Krahn. That’s the same guy listed in the story above as the Executive Director of the House Republican Organization.

Just like Scott Preston, the ILGOP picked Kyle Ham because he can be easily be controlled.

If I lived in the 105th District I would be voting for Mike Kirkton because Jeanne Ives supports him. Jeanne fought for Illinois and continues to fight. I trust her support for Kirkton, she doesn’t want Republicans to stay in the super minority.

See Kirkton’s website: https://kirktonforillinois.com/

Not voting in the Republican primary means ILGOP candidates will win, they have been bought. Should the worthless ILGOP decide who is on the ballot in November or YOU?

Keep in mind, the ILGOP supports Democrat voting Richard Irvin for governor.

7 thoughts on “Look at contributions before you vote!

  1. Preston = Irvin = Ham, 3 peas in the same pile of RINO dung. Wake up people, RINOs are just Democrats pretending to be Republicans with the goal of changing the Republican Party’s ideology to be the Democrat’s ideology.

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  2. Wonder how long it will take before we see Preston and Ham crying about something like little Adam Kinzinger?


  3. I just know I’m NOT voting for anyone they salivate over. The old guard (AKA RINOs) are going to fight hard to avoid extinction, but they need to be exterminated, unlike actual Rhinos which should be protected.


  4. I have a serious question I would like to hear Scott Preston answer.

    Councilmen Preston, please explain why you believe that your voting record of supporting
    1.) property tax increases every year you were asked to raise them but one
    2.) Normal to increase its debt from 0 to $89M
    3.) to divert gas tax revenues for recreational running/biking trails
    demonstrate Republican values?

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