Let’s just call it an Open Meetings Act violation Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday was a Federal Holiday. Town of Normal code says meetings can not be held on any legal holiday:

The Open Meetings Act law says a regular meeting can be held on a holiday if it is regularly scheduled, Normal threw in a Special Meeting that is not allowed under the law:

Obviously meeting on a holiday wasn’t convenient for Chris Koos, Scott Preston, or Karyn Smith since they didn’t attend either meeting. If 3 of the 7 council people thought it wasn’t inconvenient, it wasn’t convenient for the public either.

Add this to the long list of Open Meeting Act violations. Prove me wrong attorney Brian Day. Oh wait, the video is fuzzy but I don’t think Day was there either!






17 thoughts on “Let’s just call it an Open Meetings Act violation Normal

  1. Municipal attorneys that cover ass for municipalities is one thing but to continously allow such abuse to continue under his/her watch should end them up with legal issues and possible jail time as well. Looking forward to the day that ILLannoy mayors etc., start the trend that imprisioned former IL governors are famous for.

  2. We should all know by now that laws & rules don’t apply to these “people!”


  3. It appeared several times they were referring to “counsel at the table” or something like that when they needed a legal opinion. It was funny them trying to cover for Koos’ bullying. They all knew what he said but nobody was willing to put their name to it, not even McCarthy. I wonder if Koos shows up less and less to try and give McCarthy more time until he gets his large payday from the Amtrak board

  4. They don’t care, “they” do whatever they want with no fear of repercussion, from city councils all the way up the ladder to “the top”. The problem is – WHAT can we do about it? I know I am feeling pretty frustrated and I am sure many others are as well. Plus “they” fail up and become even more privileged and well heeled and comfy.

    1. People don’t vote in local elections! Those who do aren’t out knocking doors to get more people to vote. I’m tired of trying to get people to care to get involved. Corruption starts at home.

      1. Anyone, anywhere should not require someone coming to their door to get them to vote. I’ve told people to get off my property because of door-to-door campaigning. Having to be convinced to vote by some political schill at your door is the epitome of laziness and disconnection. People in BN don’t vote because they can’t be bothered. Most of that population is politically ignorant. It’s why BN is falling apart. Hail Rivian.

      2. Totally agree, all politics is local really, it’s what affects YOU the most closely, also, the city councils, mayor-ships, school boards, and county boards are the “breeding grounds” for many who then become career politicians and are usually swampy. The draining of the swamp needs to be done in the little backwaters too in order to truly destroy it or it will begin to rise again right away. They are like roaches, you have to destroy the nests and make it uncomfortable for them to set up shop.

  5. The election was likely stolen through a well- organized effort supported by dirty money that involved crooked vote counters, large scale ballot harvesting and voting machines programmed to switch votes. It had little to nothing to do with a precinct captain showing up.at a person’s door and asking them to fill out a ballot in exchange for a carton of cigarettes. It was fraud on a massive and well organized scale targeting every swing state.

      1. Hmmm, I’ve seen them “help” people, and yeah, it’s blatant and it’s always for the Left/dems

  6. Believe what you want. The numbers you cite wouldn’t be enough to turn a national election. A doofus local effort wouldn’t change the numbers enough to change the outcome. Only seasoned politicos know the in and outs to be able to organize a steal that massive. A local blowbag like Mike Matejka or John Penn might think they have that massive influence but don’t. A great majority of fraudulent mail ins had no address, no date of being mailed and names repeated numerous times. They counted them anyway. Think Daley and JFK.

  7. I still whole heartedly believe and encourage people to vote as every vote matters. That said, local elections can and I believe have been stolen due to the electronic voting methods. If it can be hacked and and I believe that the dirty Chicago political cabal are engaged in hacking in downstate. Voting to overturn the tyranny will demand a massive show of voters to turn out so as to make it extremely difficult for the crooks to continue the steal.

    1. I totally agree, it has to be in person turnout in massive numbers and then for those people to cry foul if it seems fishy or is outright in your face fraudulent like 2020 was, the same goes for local elections.

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