5 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin


The special meeting Normal called at 5:45 last night was a waste of time. The promised PASER report is still not done, supposedly it will be by the end of June. Chris Koos wasn’t there, neither was Scott Preston or Karyn Smith. The license plate reading camera presentation will have to take place again when it is an agenda item. You can’t see any items presented because there wasn’t a packet with documentation. If slides were on the screen behind acting mayor McCarthy, they aren’t readable on the video. The actual 7:00 meeting was less than 1/2 hour. Approving the Executive Session meeting minutes was pulled from the agenda without comment. See the entire video in this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/06/21/show-me-the-money/


The License Plate Reading cameras each cost $2500 a year. Bloomington has 11 cameras. Springfield has 80 and Decatur has 101. Do the math! How many Normal would install and where hasn’t been determined.


Is Normal saying Juneteenth isn’t a legal Federal Holiday? From the Town code: https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/7697/Chapter-03—Council-Meetings-and-Ordinances?bidId=

Maybe Koos, Preston, and Smith were out celebrating instead of being at the meeting.


Circuit Judge candidate Amy McFarland didn’t show up Saturday for the GOP candidates breakfast! Maybe because she isn’t a Republican and didn’t want questions about that?


I was in Wisconsin last weekend because my son got married! We saw gas for $4.79 in Clinton Wi. Most other stations were $4.99. The roads are much better, of course the scenery is breathtaking.

I39 had MILES of cones closing the right lane not far north of Normal. On the way home I calculated how many miles southbound – SIX. There was no work happening and no proof it ever did. Worse, farther north the State has put signs that say BUMP where the pavement has buckled. I understand narrowing to one lane where bridges are being worked on, there was no excuse for the miles of lane closures we saw! There is no excuse for the BUMP signs either after Pritzker doubled the gas tax.






One thought on “5 things you need to know

  1. The shady money safety and techy integrations and license plate show will have to continue. Funny how the “smart city” concept employs so many and taxpayers. Yet folks get rich off it. The B2G Illinois tollway sham is another. Local folks involved in the B2B and B2C and B2E private data surveillance, telematics and selling/sharing projects are a huge issue locally and country wide.

    Even our politicians at every level get on the bandwagon.

    Too bad

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