5 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) The special meeting Normal called at 5:45 last night was a waste of time. The promised PASER report is still not done, supposedly it will be by the end of June. Chris Koos wasn’t there, neither was Scott Preston or Karyn Smith. The license plate reading camera presentation will have to […]

Weekend in Wisconsin

By: Diane Benjamin Gas – Almost 50 cents a gallon less Roads – Mostly Awesome Scenery – gorgeous Masks – almost none, including servers in restaurants Property taxes – much lower Sales Tax rate – the highest is 5.5% Income Tax – progressive rates 3.54% to 7.65 (Why Illinois wins that game) Wisconsin looks good, […]

Don’t forget who won’t let you work

By:  Diane Benjamin Indiana is open.  I know locals who have driven to the Beef House right across the border to sit down for a good meal. Iowa is open for full capacity in-restaurant dining. Wisconsin is open after their Supreme Court ruled the governor’s actions illegal. Illinois has Pritzker’s boot on everybody’s neck, he […]

Back form the north!

By:  Diane Benjamin Hubby and I took a trip to Wisconsin this weekend.  If you head up 39 and cut through Belvidere to avoid the Rockford traffic, good news.  Wisconsin has resurfaced their stretch of Highway 76 to Clinton. Some observations: In Illinois, instead of fixing the roads they put up signs.  We saw a […]

Weekend in Wisconsin

By: Diane Benjamin Sorry readers – no posts this weekend other than Weekend Fun – I took the weekend OFF! One of my millennials lives in Waukesha, Wi. so we headed up for a visit.  Waukesha is just west of Milwaukee.  Lake Michigan makes Milwaukee an interesting place, it wasn’t a big ugly city.  They […]

Wisconsin Road Trip!

by:  Diane Benjamin If millions of people were travelling this weekend, they weren’t on Illinois roads.  We left Saturday morning for Wisconsin and returned yesterday.  Traffic was only a problem when a semi was in the left lane blocking traffic! To leave Illinois cost $1.90.  To come back to Illinois cost $1.90.  These toll booths […]


Reported by:  Illinois Review http://tinyurl.com/onlgm5h MADISON WI – Parents in Wisconsin took their concerns about the federal Common Core Standards and its curriculum to the state’s lawmakers last week. The argue against the data mining, computerized testing, questionable academic standards and nationalized curriculum. Illinois parents have picked up the effort, and last week the Stop Common […]

Agenda 21 draws national backlash

Opposition to Agenda 21, a 20-year-old United Nations agreement that seeks to promote sustainable development, is building across the nation. Manifestations include:: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich pledged his opposition to Agenda 21, calling it an attempt by the U.N. to exert “extra-constitutional control” over the U.S. while empowering entities committed to “taking control of your private […]