Weekend in Wisconsin

By: Diane Benjamin

Gas – Almost 50 cents a gallon less

Roads – Mostly Awesome

Scenery – gorgeous

Masks – almost none, including servers in restaurants

Property taxes – much lower

Sales Tax rate – the highest is 5.5%

Income Tax – progressive rates 3.54% to 7.65 (Why Illinois wins that game)

Wisconsin looks good, I’d have to be a snow bird however. I’m willing to sacrifice!

Besides, family lives there.

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Wisconsin

  1. I love Wisconsin – for all of these reasons and more!
    Wisconsin is what I will call “outdoor friendly” with areas to ride and groomed trails, etc.
    In Illinois – DNR will confiscate your 4-wheeler and all of your personal property if you are “caught” riding around outdoors.
    Even IL Gov Pritzker knows that Wisconsin is awesome – rumor is that he has a farm in Wisconsin. LOL!

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  2. C’mon Diane, the police are stopping foot pursuits in Chicago. You’re gonna tell me that you’d pass up dinner and a show?


  3. I bought my house 18 months ago for $225,000 here in Normal. Probably worth about 250k now. My property taxes went from 6300 to 7k on this last assessment. Most of that from unit 5. Which were closed for most of the year.

    My cousin has a beautiful home in Charleston, SC in a private neighborhood near the bay he just sold for 650k. His property taxes were $2,200.

    This state sucks.

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    1. Don’t you get it? Illinois and BN never change. Politicians will continue to pick your wallet and lie their arses off to you concerning every possible topic. BN will remain the name game town its always been in perpetuity even as it continues to decline with or without Rivian. Chicago and urban Democrats rule the day and will eventually take over this community. The state is already talking about making minority history mandatory at all levels in order to further minimize the white man. You see, the game never ends and that’s always been the plan.


  4. Yes, several states are FAR more attractive than Illinois and that is at least partly because of the things everyone has already mentioned. Illinois is actually a pretty state in many areas, the winters kind of suck but the rest of the problem is all because of Democrat control and corruption. Get rid of the Govt in Illinois pretty much from top to bottom, change a LOT of the current laws and restrictions which would make living here more affordable and more free (as in have more freedom) and Illinois isn’t so bad (and maybe wall off Chicago)

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