If you like Dan Brady you can’t keep Dan Brady

By: Diane Benjamin

The new district maps are now available. Of course the Democrats drew them behind closed doors with zero transparency. Anybody hear the local democrats objecting like they did to the County District maps?

Primary elections will be moved to June 28. It makes no sense to hold a primary 7-8 months before a general elections when nobody is paying attention. I predict they won’t stay in June however.

If the current map version is approved Dan Brady will be representing east of Veterans Parkway all the way past Merna. His $1 a year office in Uptown Normal won’t be in his district.

See the interactive proposed map here: https://cutt.ly/YnhdDg7

See the current map here: https://cutt.ly/inhgKQQ


Dan Brady currently represents 105.

73 is Ryan Spain. (R)

87 is Tim Butler (R)

88 is Keith Sommer. (R)

91 if Mark Luft. (R)

92 is Jehan Gordon-Booth. (D)

The 91st is currently not close to Bloomington-Normal, it’s SW of Peoria. The 88th isn’t close to where the proposed map has it. Republicans will have to jockey around with what district to run in.

The proposed 105th looks to me like a safe Republican district. The 91st might not be.

This is the current district map of Bloomington-Normal:

The budget is a joke as usual. Taxes on businesses will increase. Education will get even worse as kindergarteners are sexualized instead of being allowed to be kids. Districts of course favor keeping Democrats in power indefinitely.

Citizens of Illinois will continue to leave.






9 thoughts on “If you like Dan Brady you can’t keep Dan Brady

  1. Wow Brady will be completely excluded from ISU and nearly all of Normal. He still represents the ritzy neighborhoods north of I55 which include Pam Reece’s neighborhood. I expect her to continue playing politics and funneling him taxpayer dollars she collects from people he does not represent in the form of free rent and other goodies.

  2. Good to see the effete Keith Sommer (Mr. Invisible) replaced. Can anyone name 3 things Sommer has done for his current district? Our state highways are still a POS.

  3. A redrawn map or not, it doesn’t matter. Illinois and BN are so corrupt it isn’t even salvageable. Scream to the mountaintop about Rivian all you want, when SF continues to kick people to the curb and replace those salaries with call people it only expedites BN’s eventual demise that is been going on since the out-of-state and Chicago invasions. If you weren’t a friend of an Elitist Clique member or some politician, you were never represented anyway. People in BN are too lazy to change the inevitable anyway since eighty percent are too busy raising their dinner wine to their lips to vote and trying to show their neighbors how cosmopolitan they are in the middle of a cornfield. The issues today will be the same issues twenty years from now because people around here just don’t care, at least enough people. I truly do feel sorry for the people that are trapped here and circumstances prevent them from doing something about their plight.

  4. 91st is a gerrymander farce. Peoria AND Bloomington BOTH deserve state reps – carving this demographic is pure politics and splitting cities and their populations and institutions is wrong.
    As for Dan Brady , he is a GREAT rep and super responsive and truly DOES care about his constituents ! We are lucky to have his seniority , wisdom and ability representing us.

    1. After over 20 years in the state legislature as a career politician, people need to ask if Dan Brady is part of the solution or part of the problem. In my view, it’s clearly the latter. Dan will no doubt say it’s part of a democrat controlled state. But, if he’s utterly unable to stand up to them, then he needs to be replaced by someone who will at least try. Every parade needs a clown and that’s what Dan Brady is.

  5. Our governor broke his election promise, I am shocked!! Elected officials should never be allowed to draw election maps!

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