Normal: Incompetence and More

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s IT staff continues to show their incompetence.  The Live Stream video and the posted recorded video are TINY.  Early in the meeting the audio would go out, reappear, and go out again. Why does the Town of Normal tolerate employees who aren’t capable of doing their job?  I’ve lost track of […]

Last chance to see people not fighting for toilet paper

By:  Diane Benjamin VOTE Bloomington sample ballots: Everywhere but Bloomington: You have to vote either Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or nonpartisan (only matters for Letory and El Paso-Gridley Schools). Picking a party doesn’t make you a member of that party.  It does prevent you from seeing the same old names on the ballot again in […]

The Election Isn’t Cancelled!

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois has not cancelled the primary election for Tuesday!  Evidently rumors are on social media saying it is.  Show up! Still undecided on Dan Brady?  This should help: You can’t get rid of McLean County Auditor Michelle Anderson unless you pull a Republican ballot.  She needs to go!

David Blumenshine – Why he is running

By:  Diane Benjamin It doesn’t make sense to send the same representatives to Springfield over and over and over when Illinois is in a death spiral of debt.  Pensions need reformed, we don’t need a progressive tax that will chase high income job creators out of the state. We need fighters in Springfield, we don’t […]

Dan Brady’s Fatal Flaw

By:  Diane Benjamin Dan has plenty of money to run ads, the theme seems to be: People not Politics What that tells me is he is not interested in fixing the problems in Illinois.  He wants to shake hands and show up everywhere and help people with problems who call his office.  His secretary could […]

Note Who is Missing!

By:  Diane Benjamin If you didn’t watch the debate between Dan Brady and David Blumenshine you missed Brady interrupting Blumenshine during an answer.  It felt just like Chris Koos shutting down citizens during Public Comment.  Kneeling is required at all times before the elite. Start watching at 57:40.  Dan Brady called David Blumenshine the “King […]