Last chance to see people not fighting for toilet paper

By:  Diane Benjamin


Bloomington sample ballots:

Everywhere but Bloomington:

You have to vote either Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or nonpartisan (only matters for Letory and El Paso-Gridley Schools).

Picking a party doesn’t make you a member of that party.  It does prevent you from seeing the same old names on the ballot again in November.

This is your chance to tell Dan Brady 20 years is enough (for those in his district).  It is all Republican voters chance to toss County Auditor Michelle Anderson.  You have to pick a Republican ballot.

This is the last paragraph of Pritzkers Executive Order:

eo pritz

Welcome to home confinement.









4 thoughts on “Last chance to see people not fighting for toilet paper

  1. When will the politicians come forth and admit the virus is a result of germ warfare development gone wrong by the Chinese? Our president? Our governor? Our federal and state reps? Kick all Chinese nationals out of the country including the little twenty year old spies planted by the Chinese government at the U of I, ISU and our other institutions. Nice thought but will never happen. Governors and others too busy making war with their own citizens.


  2. Sad I was talking to a customer at Avanti’s carry out yesterday evening and she said she does shopping for other people plus various other delivery jobs. She said she was in the grocery store and an elderly woman was crying because she couldn’t get any TP. She told me the person who sent her shopping doubled her weekly order aka hoarding. If I’m not mistaken the elderly woman had people taking items out of her cart.
    I blame the management of these grocery stores for not being on top of the hoarding. I saw in the news where some stores are now offering senior citizen shopping hours….

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    1. The grocery store situation is ridiculous, but true to form, most people in McLean County and Bloomington-Normal only care about themselves. For entertainment , ho to the store of your choice and watch the little millennial creeps take more off the shelves than they probably need. I was trying to joke about stuff with people and store clerk but they only look at you like “hey man, this is serious stuff and nothing is funny about it.” Told one clerk they should smile some more. People in this town should get over themselves.

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