Corona was already here, you just didn’t know it.

By:  Diane Benjamin

I don’t want you to miss the comment made to this story:

It says everything I’ve been trying to tell you:


Everyone needs to relax. This virus has been here for some time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number of cases is 10 times what has been reported. The only ones being tested (and reported) now are those who present severe symptoms.

We are as certain as can be without a blood test, that our daughter got this virus in late January, at ISU. She lives on a floor with a number of Mainland Chinese students who went home to China over Christmas break. They came back wearing masks, and ISU sent out an email stating that a number of students and faculty had recently gone to a location in China where there was a new illness.

About 2 weeks after the semester began, my daughter and her roommate both got what we thought at the time was a severe cold. My daughter’s symptoms were fairly mild, but her roommate was more serious. She missed a number of days of class, and took a flu test both at ISU health services and back home in the Chicago area, when she went home for a long weekend after presenting with a fever. Both tests showed that she did not have the seasonal flu, Influenza A or B. But she was clearly sick. The symptoms track 100% with what those who were confirmed to have the virus describe, as well as medical professionals.

Absolutely, if you are in a high risk group, stay home. Strictly limit your contact with anyone. But for those of us who do not have a compromised immune system, there is little to fear.








15 thoughts on “Corona was already here, you just didn’t know it.

  1. The real fear in this country is the influx of untested foreigners allowed in without so much as a checkup. Yes it was brought here by people from China, maybe intentionally, maybe not. China has gone on record many times they want to collapse the US economy. What better way? One should have been suspicious when they started coming in droves to attend college here. The administration at the U of I is particularly gullible as a large portion of their freshman classes are Chinese nationals but money rules all. Many are engineering and IT students that have access to information that many don’t and could easily contribute to assisting to a US downfall. Your government and academic leaders are among the most stupid and naive humans on Earth. Obama policies brought in many other infectuous diseases that had been eradicated here such as TB and scabies just to name two.

  2. Seriously folks… just chill, the mainstream globalist communist media is using this as their last ditch effort against our great president before the election. Yes, they are more than happy to cause a panic and attempt to destroy the world’s economy to stop President Trump. But just like all their other attempts, this will also fail. This will all be over sooner than we can imagine.

    There is at least one silver lining in this dark cloud. From this point forward, ALL nations of the world will view their borders and immigrants differently. As we have all said many times before, to the deaf ears of the loony left, that borders and legal paths to immigration secure our country from threats that we can’t imagine. The very safety and security of our country (and the countries of the world) relies on functioning borders and the control of people wanting to immigrate. NO one can responsibly argue against this now.

    1. Trouble: Any sane person would agree and learn a valuable lesson but the older I get, I become more pessimistic about many things. If Biden is elected, the borders become more porous than ever so this problem becomes even worse. Even if Trump is re-elected idiot governor’s like Pritzker here and Gavin Newsom in Cali will continue to compromise their populations as well as governors in other liberal states. The far left never quits. It hates freedom, open markets, a right to bear arms and anything else that protects citizens from over reaching governments. Then there are not mayors like Renner, Koos and the idiot in Champaign that are die-in-the-wool socialists except when it comes to themselves. Yes, I agree a lesson should be learned but it won’t last….Borders, Language, Culture.

  3. The hubs traveled to Italy before Christmas, came back sick, I came down with it three days later. All of the same progression of symptoms, swabbed and negative for Flu A and B. Went through most of our adult children and grandchildren. Little ones only had it for a few days. We all recovered without extra toilet paper.

  4. Lame stream media will make or break you,,,so they claim. In this case of COVID19 however they’ve brought the hysteria fueling the looney left to restrict our freedoms. Many people,,,many, see this as hysteria. Hopefully these fools have continued on to full self destruction. insuring a big red wave in November, MAGA 2020

  5. Educate yourselves on all Pritzker Family holdings and boycott them. The Hyatt in Normal should be picketed until they are forced to shut down. A finger prick for the “Prickster” to be sure but it sends a message that people are taking note of the hypocrisy.

  6. Off topic but an observation. When will Pritzker realize the state capitol is Springfield Illinois. This is where all main government offices and headquarters exist. So why is he doing all his daily speeches from Chicago? He should be in Springfield close to where the leaders of the various departments are. Also since he is discouraging travel he should be closing all Hyatt hotels, whether he owns them or not.

  7. Like his buddy Blago, the Chicago Mafia does not care what anyone downstate thinks. We are only here to supply them with the taxpayer funds to distribute among their Chicago cronies. The Pritzker bloodline dictates that there is never enough money in the bank. There is a reason that people of their ilk are thought of like others think of them. Greedy and slimely for generations and beyond. In return, boycott all things Chicago whether it’s sports, commerce, transportation, etc.

  8. I would say it’s been here since last fall. I had all the symptoms in October, not flu, not strep, doc didn’t know what it was. I recovered, but I felt worse than I had ever felt in all my 45 years. Recovered just fine in 2 weeks, but I’m young (ish) and healthy. If it was coronavirus, it sucked.

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