A Real Emergency will Kill You

By:  Diane Benjamin

An EMP taking out electricity for months or even years would kill most of the population.  Proof is in the chaos created by a virus.  The number of cases of Wuhan Corona virus is going to grow, just like every flu grows.   Some people will die, most won’t.  Media loves to report 1 or 2 new cases, they don’t report on how many have recovered.

Why are some churches closed to prevent spreading the Wuhan virus, but people are packing the stores?  America’s priorities have no basis in common sense.

Yesterday at Meijer – toilet paper aisle:


Same At Walmart:

toilet paper

Obviously few people know how to cook.  The soup and canned meat aisles at Walmart were mostly cleaned out too:

The stores were crowded.  I heard one guy telling people he had toilet paper taken out of his cart.  Get a grip people, wash your hands frequently.  Stay home if you are sick.  Turn off the media, they are creating fear on purpose.  The proof is in their failure to report on 1000 people dying in the first six months of Swine Flu.  Wuhan flu has caused less than 60 deaths.  The ridiculous reporting is political.  Refuse to participate.

The fastest way to lose your Constitutional rights is to act like idiots.  We are Americans,  act like it.  Take care of yourselves and others.  Think for yourself instead of letting others control your behavior.

Both stores had plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Funny, nobody hoarded them.

Want more proof it’s political?

  • We know the media is mostly made up of Democrats
  • This is a presidential election year
  • One Democrat candidate calls himself a socialist
  • Questions of dementia swirl around the other guy

Wouldn’t you want to talk about anything but politics?

15 thoughts on “A Real Emergency will Kill You

  1. It’s PROFIT TAKING season on the DUMB members of society! THEY are the same folks who listen to WGLT and believe it as gospel! Hence they WILL be preyed upon. Don’t believe me?? Look on EBAY and SEE what MEGA PACKS of toilet paper HAVE SOLD FOR! I have friends ALL OVER the country and the situation IS THE SAME! In WY, the Mormons (who ALWAYS preach ARMAGEDDON!) are buying up everything in sight. Same in WV.
    Meanwhile in AK, people call it preparing for WINTER!
    THIS is the basic problem, the media gets ahold of some story, and since there is NO LONGER original reporting, they PREACH what the wire service or “mother station” sends them, and they keep on until ANOTHER “world ending” catastrophe comes along!
    As I said before, some gene pools NEED chlorine-which works WAY better then hand sanitizer!

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  2. I was in Meijer on Friday morning. I had a list of what my wife and I needed. And I was able to get everything that was available. What I found interesting the majority of the people were on the east side of the building checking out through the self check out and regular check out lanes. Talk about lines. I went to the west side of the self check out lanes. No one. I knew the lady working that side of the check out. She use to work on the east side self check out. I was able to scan my items, pack my own bags, write a check and was out of there in no time to go to the next store.

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    1. The same WHO that condemned Trump for overreacting when he restricted China travel in January/February? They do fill a needed role, but not without the ‘traditional’ UN bias and corruption.
      The left loves to bash Trump, but it was because of his action that we’re ‘behind the curve’ vs how bad Europe and other areas are.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more with your common sense comments! “Thank you” for sharing the empty shelves photos. This is exactly what I saw this last Wednesday, in grocery stores (Meijer’s, Walmart, Kroger’s) on the west side of Indianapolis. I also witnessed a number of shoppers (at Meijer’s) yanking Lysol, Clorox and Meijer disinfectant wipes containers out of the cartons (stacked on a pallet) that a store employee was trying to open so he could replenish the empty shelves! Not one container made it to a shelf. These same shoppers also had their carts stacked high to over-flowing with rolls and rolls of toilet paper, paper towels and several, pulling another cart filled with bottled water! Insanity (or ‘panic’, whatever you want to call it) reigns! Utterly ridiculous. And NO, I did not buy any of these items.

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  4. Everyone needs to relax. This virus has been here for some time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number of cases is 10 times what has been reported. The only ones being tested (and reported) now are those who present severe symptoms. We are as certain as can be without a blood test, that our daughter got this virus in late January, at ISU. She lives on a floor with a number of Mainland Chinese students who went home to China over Christmas break. They came back wearing masks, and ISU sent out an email stating that a number of students and faculty had recently gone to a location in China where there was a new illness. About 2 weeks after the semester began, my daughter and her roommate both got what we thought at the time was a severe cold. My daughter’s symptoms were fairly mild, but her roommate was more serious. She missed a number of days of class, and took a flu test both at ISU health services and back home in the Chicago area, when she went home for a long weekend after presenting with a fever. Both tests showed that she did not have the seasonal flu, Influenza A or B. But she was clearly sick. The symptoms track 100% with what those who were confirmed to have the virus describe, as well as medical professionals.

    Absolutely, if you are in a high risk group, stay home. Strictly limit your contact with anyone. But for those of us who do not have a compromised immune system, there is little to fear.

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