To: Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill

I’m sorry both of you do not understand America.  I’m sorry you both do not appreciate history and capitalism.  I’m sorry you don’t understand that government is the problem, not the solution.  Most of the world lived in extreme poverty before capitalism, it works. Many around the globe no longer live in poverty because America showed them how to escape.

People who spend other people’s money never make rational decisions.  It’s easy to be generous when it doesn’t come out of your pocket.  Why is America still the place people flee too?  It isn’t for government, it’s for the American dream where nothing matters except how hard you are willing to work.

It isn’t humane to take money from people who toiled for it and give it to people who didn’t.  It isn’t compassionate for government to decide who gets a handout and who doesn’t.  It isn’t “leading” to demand a government program that prevents people from taking care of themselves while waiting for money to drop from government.  In America individuals matter, not some collective group of beggars for tax dollars.  Demanding government makes everyone equal is a call from those unwilling to make themselves better.  This is the very definition of socialism, but then that’s what you call yourselves.

Americans are compassionate, no government needed.  We don’t let people die in the streets from starvation.  We care about people who lose their jobs, it has likely happened to lots of us.  The current “crisis” has been manufactured to create chaos.  It happens every election year.  People are going to get sick, a few will die but most will recover.  The flu kills thousands of people every year.  The media led hysteria is the problem, thanks for playing along.  I refuse to participate.

If either of you knew history, you would know churches led compassion in America.  St Joe’s hospital wasn’t named by government, the Catholic church built it because they cared about people.  It wasn’t government that built BroMenn, it was individuals who donated their own money and the Mennonite Church.  Socialism doesn’t work unless government replaces GOD,   Again, I refuse to participate.  I know who really has the answers, get on your knees and ask.  If you aren’t sick, find a church still open and go.  President Trump has declared Sunday a National Day of prayer.  I will participate.

There is a Facebook group now raising money to feed kids affected by the school closings.  So far they have raised more than $25,000.  See Feed the Children of Bloomington-Normal Due to Corona School Closings.  Government didn’t do that, people did.  Hy-Vee and McDonald’s are on board too.

Your friends are more than happy to bail suspects out of jail for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  I’m sure they will happily contribute money to help people caught up in this fiasco.  Start a GoFundMe.

Meanwhile, government has no role except tamping down this nonsense.  We all aren’t going to die!

Diane Benjamin


Jenn’s latest, Crabill posted that he agreed with her:

carrillo call

21 thoughts on “To: Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill

  1. Wrong, it is very charitable of government officials to give away money
    Luke 25:16 – then Jesus said “take from one through government to give to another to make yourself feel charitable.”

    1. Quoting Scripture out of context is like being a cafeteria Christian…pick and choose what you want from the buffet.
      The key phrases in that verse are “take from one” and “feel charitable.” Jenn is virtue signaling and expecting her colleagues in government to take from others (taxpayers) so she feels charitable and good about herself.

  2. Jenn is a local faith based leader. I’m confident many hours of prayer , marijuana and consultation with other devoted faith based leaders like Sonny Garcia weighed heavily on her decision to try to move this forward.

  3. “We need to get together and plan”. Not we need to act now! Democrats at work. Spend money planning not acting.

  4. They preach compassion this week when jut a month ago voted for a $738,000 for a study to replace O’Neil pool. Let’s put things in prospective. If they want programs to help disenfranchised people quit spending on every whim and pet project when the budget rolls around.

    1. I only see Jenn demanding City government get involved here. She hardly reflects the rest of the Council. The best leaders recognize their own limitations, get out of the way, and let the experts handle the crisis.
      The irony here is that the $15 minimum wage, which Jenn fought for, will have the same effect on low-income workers having reduced hours or losing their fob.

      1. Oh, the Peoria Bishop of little faith…
        Just kidding, it’s about time the Church listened to reason.

  5. Jenn is mentally unstable and not living in reality.. Perhaps her drug dealer buddies can donate to children whose parents are spending money on drugs instead of milk. I wonder if she reached out to them.

  6. And both of these individuals seem to have perfectly good functioning brains? It is amazing what liberal brainwashing will do.

    Seriously though, I bet both of these folks are either Bernie Bros (most likely) or they support Joe (where are my pants) Biden. So how messed up must you be to either want a geriatric Communist or dementia personified?

    Can you really take anyone seriously who thinks the left/Democrats have anything to offer besides pain and misery? I can’t… Case closed – go away Jenn & Jeff

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